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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Blogger's Breakouts 2010

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We put together our Top 50 breakout picks in our Breakout Bible and now it's time we get a few other opinions on who is going to bust out this season.

Our first thought was to ask the experts... but Bob McKenzie and Pierre LeBrun didn't return our emails.  So we decided to hit up some of our fellow bloggers instead.  These guys and gals are hard-core fans and they know their teams better than almost anybody. 

We asked them eight questions:
1) Who is their team's breakout of the year?
2) Which player from their team will be a darkhorse breakout?
3) Who will have an off year and breakdown on their team?
4) Who is your breakout pick across the entire league?
5) Who do you think will be the first five players drafted?
6) Who is the best value for money fantasy goalie?
7) Who will be better: Taylor or Tyler?
8) Who is going to win the Stanley Cup?
BONUS) And a special (and usually stupid) team related bonus question.

The only problem is these bloggers are much more talented than us, so hopefully they don't raise the bar too high.  Make sure you pay a visit to their sites...they are all FHS approved.

Keep coming back to this page.  We'll link to each team once the post is completed.

Atlantic  Bloggers Breakout Logo
New Jersey Chicago
NY Islanders Columbus
NY Rangers Detroit
Philadelphia Nashville
Pittsburgh St. Louis
Northeast Northwest
Boston Calgary
Buffalo Colorado
Montreal Edmonton
Ottawa Minnesota
Toronto Vancouver
Southeast Pacific
Atlanta Anaheim
Carolina Dallas
Florida Los Angeles
Tampa Bay Phoenix
Washington San Jose