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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - Sept 10th, 2010

Dosage Express
Canucks being cautious with Cody... no way Johansen sticks... Dr.Kipper's diagnosis on Schenn... NYI still working on Petrov... Gretzky even greater  

Daily Diarrhea   

HEADS UP... alright fantasy freaks, the 2010/11 Fantasy Scouting Report hit the shelves last week (and was updated yesterday), so get yourself a copy & win your goddam pool (like these glorious dudes)

Hodgson The Canucks may hold Cody Hodgson out of next week's rookie tournament as they want to confirm that he's 100% healthy after all the back issues he's been dealing with.  This is a little concerning but it just sounds precautionary and hopefully he'll be ready to go for the main camp.  GM Mike Gillis revealed the other day that his injury was misdiagnosed and was actually a torn back muscle, so hopefully now that they have that sorted out he can get healthy and fight for a roster spot this fall.  He'll be in tough though as the Canucks will be tight against the cap and Hodgson's $1.67M cap hit will work against him... he might have to start in the A this year. [more]

The CBJs signed their 4th overall pick from this summer, Ryan Johansen, to an ELC... we say there's no chance he's in the NHL this year as he needs to bulk up, has only played one season of major Jr. and Columbus GM Howson doesn't really have a history of rushing his prospects... but then again, we thought it was unlikely that Duchene, E.Kane & O'Reilly would play the whole season in the NHL last year, so maybe we'll be shocked again.

No real update on Brayden Schenn's knee injury yesterday, he was scheduled to have an MRI but Rich Hammond says that it won't happen until today... let's wait to see the results of that before we accept Dr. Nick Kypreos' diagnosis, which was that he'll be out 2-4 weeks. 

The Islanders are still working at getting Kirill Petrov over to NA this year, he has a contract for two more years in the KHL but hasn't played very much over there so he & the Islanders would probably like to see him get out of it.  He's currently ranked #185 in our Fantasy Prospect Rankings. [more

Richard Park has signed to play in Switzerland... so scratch the 30 point Cman off your draft cheatsheet... and maybe review your list one more time if he really was still on there.

Daily Distraction 

What's distracting us today? 

- Do you like the Sharks?  Do you like pretty graphs?  Well you better check out the amazing Sharks Roster Tree.  Wow.

- Wayne Gretzky was all over the internet today.  He sat down with Pierre LeBrun and says he likes just being a fan now and blah, blah, blah.  The Hockey News also has a story (or should that be advertisement) about Gretzky and his new video game.   Most disturbing bit of info from that article... Gretz' 10-year-old has only skated once.  Are we the only ones bothered by this?  The BEST Wayne Gretzky related link we've seen today comes courtesy of Deadspin:

[From an interview with a Las Vegas 'industry lifer']
What's your best celebrity story?
Industry Lifer: I remember a night when Wayne Gretzky insulted Michael Jordan at the table. It was a private salon game. Michael had ordered a drink from the cocktail waitress, and he gave her a five-dollar chip. Wayne took it off the cocktail waitress's tray, gave it back to Michael, grabbed a hundred-dollar chip from Michael's stack and put it on the cocktail waitress's tray. Then he said, "That's how we tip in Las Vegas, Michael."

Gretzky... even more awesome than we thought.