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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - Sept 15th, 2010

Dosage Express
Ryan gets it done... Belanger deal really hurts kids... Skinner & Makarov light up rookie tourneys... lets drop the Forsberg talk... self-dentistry by Belanger 

Daily Diarrhea   

HEADS UP... alright fantasy freaks, the 2010/11 Fantasy Scouting Report hit the shelves Aug 31st (and updated Sept 9th), so get yourself a copy & win your goddam pool (like these glorious dudes)

Ryan The Ducks & Bobby Ryan came to an agreement on a contract, so nothing to worry about there... dude is a horse, a six-category stud and the #3 ranked Superstar Breakout candidate in the Breakout Bible... draft him early, draft him often, do what you have to do.

The Coyotes signed UFA forward Eric Belanger to a one-year deal, so his reported signing with the Caps ain't happening.  We're not big fans of Belanger around here as he's a 35-40 point player, no more.  This signing adds another body to the pile of veterans in Phoenix (they have 13 forwards on one-way deals) and will definitely have an affect on Kyle TurrisBrett MacLean & Andrew Ebbett's chances of making the team... I'd say its going to be hard for any of them to make the team out of camp.

Don't get too worked up about rookie tournament exploits but a few encouraging signs as Carolina's Jeff Skinner had a five point game yesterday.  This follows up the quote from Canes GM Jim Rutherford the other day saying that he thinks Skinner will find a way to make the team... so it's looking like a strong possibility.

Makarov Another rookie tourney hero was Chicago's Igor Makarov as he had a hat-trick in a 9-5 win over Pittsburgh... sure that's a good sign but the dude is nearly 23-years old and has four years of experience in the RSL/KHL, so rookie league action shouldn't be that difficult for him.  We've soured on him lately and he's down at #250 in our Fantasy Prospect Rankings but we'll be keeping an eye on him this year as he'll have a chance to make the Hawks out of training camp and we'll be interested to see how he handles a potential demotion to the AHL.

Read something yesterday where Peter Forsberg said that he's not ruling out another return to the NHL... we'll mention it cause it's news and Forsberg's an intriguing player to a lot of people but we don't really care (and neither should you) cause he's not coming back, even if he tried he'd breakdown before he could help your fantasy team.

Tom Preissing has signed to play in both the KHL & SM-Liiga in some bizarre type of loan agreement... in case you were wondering about him.

Daily Distraction 

What's distracting us today? 

- When you see a post with the title of "Hahahahahahahahahahahaha" your expectations are raised pretty high.  But the PPP post didn't disappoint as it was this fantastic nugget from the Globe & Mail:
"Vesa Toskala had a contract offer earlier this summer to play in the NHL from the Flames, but turned it down because he wanted to still be a No. 1 netminder."  That's some classic Toskala right there.

- More fantasy lists from 25 C's and LW's.  Alex Burrows as the 9th best LW?  Did not hear he was injured?  We suppose things could be worse.

- Erik Johnson thinks Bobby Ryan is going to spend his new riches at Mickey D's.

- MYFO with a different (and more entertaining) take on the ole team preview post... fake celebrity guest posters.  Today The Juice on the Sabres.

- Ryan Lambert from Puck Daddy compares the NFL and the NHL.  One sided?  You bet.  Accurate?  Definitely.

- Want to send players like Kris Barch, Danny Richmond or Corey Elkins a tweet?  Mother Pucker has links to their (and many, many other players) twitter accounts.

- Since Eric Belanger signed with the 'Yotes it seems like an excellent time to revisit our favourite Belanger moment: