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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - Sept 18th, 2010

Dosage Express
Uh-oh, Savard hurtin... Langkow not ready... Cormier breaks foot... Gaborik already sore... Ryan shifting to C?... Bruce Boudreau: circumventing good acting 

Daily Diarrhea   

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SavardGuys started reporting for training camp yesterday and we're discovering what some of them were up to during the offseason... like getting hurt (or more accurately, not recovering).  We learned yesterday that Marc Savard has been suffering from post-concussion syndrome and hasn't been training for the past few weeks... bad news for his owners as it's never a good sign when you're still dealing with symptoms from an injury that happened a good six months ago.  Not going to pull out the Jump to Conclusions mat here but this would likely open up a spot for Tyler Seguin to play center. [more]

We suspected this one... Daymond Langkow still hasn't been cleared to handle any contact as he's still dealing with the neck injury he suffered at the end of last season, so he won't be participating in training camp until he gets the go-ahead.  There's really no timetable for his return, but we're betting it's going to be a while before he's ready to play.  We expected him to center the 3rd line so this doesn't really open up a great spot for anyone else.

You know what they say about karma... well Patrice Cormier knows all about it as the Thrashers prospect broke his foot in a scrimmage on Thursday and is out indefinitely.  He had been penciled into the opening night line-up so this has to be disappointing.  If he's out for a while then this could provide an opening since the Thrashers are woefully thin at center, so maybe it helps Alexander Burmistrov's chances of sticking with the club?

Gaborik Marian Gaborik was held out of physical testing on the first day of training camp yesterday as he apparently has a sore back... nothing major, we're led to believe, but not a good sign when a guy who's being held together by duct tape is pulling up lame on the first day of camp.

The Ducks are going to experiment with Bobby Ryan playing center this year... not sure how long this will last and he'll likely still play LW on the top line a portion of the year but this does hurt his value if he's not on the top line permanently.  He'll still have LW eligibility in your league, so no worries there and playing with Selanne on the 2nd line isn't terrible but that doesn't compare to lining up with Getzlaf & Perry.  If he does make the switch then it would bump Saku Koivu back to #3C and open up a spot on the top line for one of Beleskey, Lupul (when healthy) or Blake... we'll see how the experiment goes in camp. [more]

Cristobal Huet has been told not to show up at Hawks training camp and they're still working on a loan deal to send him to Europe... some reports say that it can't be completed for a few weeks but it's going to happen people, he's not playing in the NHL this year.

Daily Distraction 

What's distracting us today? 

- More Down Goes Brown goodness.  This time DGB gives you an inside look at the NHL-officials negotiations.

- Check out Kari Lehtonen's new mask... Chuck Norris.  Sweet.  We still think he's a terrible pick in your fantasy pool though. Stick tap to Puck Daddy.


- Check out this terrible, terrible commercial starring Bruce Boudreau found by RMNB.  Forget the Kovalchuk contract... this is the kinda thing Bettman should be stopping: