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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - Sept 23rd, 2010

Dosage Express
Fowler with another strong outing... Johansson with 2A for Caps... Franzen gets charley horse... a few goalies get rocked... epic fan takedowns  

Daily Diarrhea   

HEADS UP... we updated our 2010/11 Fantasy Scouting Report on Sept 21st, so its some of the freshest fantasy hockey draft advice, projections & cheatsheets that you can find.

Anaheim Another strong outing for Cam Fowler last night as he led the Ducks in ice-time (22:31) & PP time (2:04) while adding another PP assist.  As we said yesterday, there are opening on the Ducks blueline and they could use someone of his skill-set so it seems like he might get a nine game audition at least.  We don't like to base who's going to make the team off an exhibition game boxscore but if Fowler & Luca Sbisa are battling for one spot on the blueline this year then Fowler has taken the first two rounds.

Another young guy who made a nice impression last night was Marcus Johansson for the Caps as he had two assists & was a plus-2 in 16 minutes of ice-time.  Most people think it's between him and Mathieu Perreault for a center ice job in DC and while Perreault is said to be having a strong camp, this was a nice statement by Johansson.

Johan Franzen left last night's game after taking a hit near the knee from Brooks Orpik... he's said to just have a charley horse so doesn't sound too serious but this is a fragile guy so we'd keep an eye on this over the next few days to see how he's doing. 

All the cuts we've seen so far have been expected, mostly guys just being sent back to junior... one of note, since some GMs might have him in keeper leagues is Angelo Esposito was cut by Atlanta and sent down... not really a surprise there as he was hurt in camp and is generally not that good. 

A few goalies had rough outings last night... let's give them a chance to shake the rust off but all three of these guys are looking to bounce-back after disappointing last season:

Price Carey Price was lit up by the Bruins as he gave up four goals on 10 shots in half a game of action and the booing has begun already... gotta love those Habs fans.  I've been on record already that I don't think Price is ready for the pressure that he's going to face this year.

Not much is expected of Chris Osgood as Jimmy Howard has become a god after last season's huge breakout but Ozzie needs to be better than last year (3.02 & .888) but things didn't get off to a good start last night as he gave up five goals on 27 shots to the Penguins.

A lot of people expect Niklas Backstrom to bounce-back after a subpar season (2.72 & .903) but there are lingering doubts about how good this guy is without Lemaire around... and last night doesn't help as he gave up five goals on 18 shots to St.Louis. 

We put up a new poll trying to get your input on a pretty hot fantasy topic right now as people aren't clear on who to take at #3 in their fantasy hockey draft... FYI, our pick is Geno Malkin.  Our old poll asked how many points you were expecting out of Taylor Hall this year and 82% of you were in the 40-59 point range (58% over 50, 42% under 50)... that sounds about right to us as we had him for 50-55 in the Breakout Bible.

Daily Distraction 

What's distracting us today? 

- Uh oh.  It's going to be a long year for Carey Price if he doesn't produce quickly... "Price allowed a goal on the second shot he faced only 93 seconds into the game, drawing a smattering of boos that grew in intensity as the game went on." (from

- Hockey Land Shark with some players who are on the rise... a nice list to know if you're drafting this weekend.

- According to RMNB, a Caps super fan named 'Goat' made it into Maxim magazine.  It's all downhill from here Mr. Goat.

- In Total Pro Sports' '11 Epic Takedowns of Field-Crashing Fans' all 11 videos are worth a look but two hockey beauties made the list.  At #8 is Rob Ray dishing out his own form of punishment on a fan.  Seen that one before but it's definitely worth another look.  The second entry was completely new to this Scout's eyes.  Some referee from what looks like a Bruins game absolutely crushes a fan.  Nice work.  I'm a little disappointed with the Internet here... this is the best quality we can get of this hit.  Pick up your game, WWW.