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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - Sept 24th, 2010

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Dosage Express
Have to pass on Mueller now... MPS lights it up... Frolov & Kovy impress with new mates... nothing serious for Sid & Franzen... more serious for Stajan... pre-season Dangle

Daily Diarrhea   

HEADS UP... we updated our 2010/11 Fantasy Scouting Report on Sept 21st, so its some of the freshest fantasy hockey draft advice, projections & cheatsheets that you can find.

Mueller Bad news for GMs who own Peter Mueller as he suffered another concussion (at least the third of his career) on Wednesday night and this could be serious.  Given that it took him most of the summer to recover from the last one he suffered in April, we wouldn't expect to see him returning for a while.  So he'll be a very risky pick if you're still drafting and at this point we'd probably advise that you pass as with concussions, you never really know how long it will take him to recover.

Big debut last night for Magnus Paajarvi-Svensson in an Oiler uniform as he was 3+1=4 in only 12 minutes of ice-time against a bunch of Lightning farm-hands (and Dan Ellis).  We wouldn't go overboard on one pre-season game (don't forget Fabian Brunnstrom had a hat-trick in his first game and look where he is now) but this is just a flash of what this kid is capable of and why we have him ranked at #2 in our Fantasy Prospect Rankings ahead of guys like Taylor Hall, who btw, had a goal in his Oilers debut as well.

Brett MacLean had another goal in pre-season action last night, his second in as many games, so he looks to be making a nice impression in camp as he tries to sneak onto what is going to be a tough Coyotes roster to crack.

Strong start in a blueshirt for Alexander Frolov as he had 1+2=3 in his first game with the Rangers playing on a line with Gaborik.  We like Fro to really bounce-back this year, obviously playing with Gaborik will help, but regardless we think he was snakebit last year as his shooting % was only 10% but for the three years prior to last year he was shooting at 17%... so he's due for some better luck this year.   

Kovalchuk The Ilya Kovalchuk to RW experiment looked good last night as he really clicked with Parise & Zajac as all three had a goal in pre-season action.  We're not sure that this line will last but these are three talented players so you'd think that they should be able to find a way to make it work.

Minor injury news, nothing to get concerned about here... Sidney Crosby missed practice yesterday and will likely sit out an exhibition game or two with a sore hip.  Nobody sounds worried about this and we wouldn't be either. 

Injury update from yesterday, Johan Franzen's charley horse is only expected to keep him out of a few exhibition games (which he's probably happy about), so it doesn't seem like anything serious. 

And another one... the Matt Stajan injury is a separated shoulder and he's out indefinitely (we've heard it could be up to a month), so this opens up an opportunity for Mikael Backlund to step in and start the year as the Flames #2C... we're not sure he's ready for that but we'll see how it goes.

No real surprising cuts yet, just the usually youngsters being sent back to junior for more seasoning... one of note was that Anaheim cut Nick Bonino, we thought at least he'd last a little longer in camp.

Daily Distraction 

What's distracting us today? 

- This made us laff... Nazem Kadri (from this Star article) talking about his favourite jersey numbers:

As a kid, it was number 9. I liked that number because of Paul Kariya. Then he kind of went down the drain a little bit with a couple of concussion problems.

... zing. 

- Sorry to go all Leafs on your ass today but there's not much going on out there today, so we got distracted by Steve Dangle talking 'bout the Leafs preseason start.  Yeah preseason game wrap-ups... we told you we're bored.