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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - Sept 25th, 2010

Dosage Express
Rough comeback for Harding... Leighton leaves with back injury... Okposo out with shoulder injury... Kubalik & Perry with hat-jobs... O'Sullivan impressing, Cheechoo not so much... some pre-season heroes highlights  

Daily Diarrhea   

HEADS UP... we updated our 2010/11 Fantasy Scouting Report on Sept 21st, so its some of the freshest fantasy hockey draft advice, projections & cheatsheets that you can find.

Harding Josh Harding had an awful season last year as he was battling hip problems but he was hoping that he could put it all behind him coming into this year... well he won't be thinking about his bad hip for a while as he suffered a knee injury last night after a crease pile-up and he had to be carried from the ice... doesn't sound good and we should get an update in the next few days.

This would be fitting if after all the Flyers went through over the summer with their goaltending that the guy they settled on, Mike Leighton, goes down injured before the season even starts.  Leighton left last night's game right before the shootout with a lower back injury, no word on the extent yet but the Flyers are said to be cautiously optimistic that it's nothing serious.

The NYI's Kyle Okposo missed practice yesterday due to a shoulder injury... we're not sure on the extent but the team said he'll be re-evaluated sometime this weekend.

Hot night for a relative unknown as CBJs prospect Tomas Kubalik had a hat-trick.  Can honestly say that we don't know too much about this kid as we didn't even include him in out top 500 prospect rankings.  Big Czech kid, 5th rounder in 2008 who was decent last year in the Q (33+42=75 in 58 games) for a pretty high scoring Victoriaville squad.  We're pretty sure that he's still headed to the AHL this year but this is good impression.  We also just discovered that this guy is a quote factory, check out this little passage from after last night's game:

"Coach told me to stand in front of net and try to tip shots.  Huselius and Vermette pass to me in front of net.  I stay and score it.  Jake tell me 'Good luck' before the game and 'Try to score a goal'.  I get three." [more]

Perry Corey Perry also had a hat-trick last night, so maybe he's got a pretty good chance to make the team.  Perry seems to be ranked really low on a lot of draft rankings & cheatsheets that we've seen but we'll take a guy who could put up 75 points, 100+ PIMs & 275 shots anyday. 

We're interested to see how Jonathan Cheechoo fares with the Stars in the pre-season as they seemed to have hopes for him as they were in need of a right-handed shot for their top 6... well, so far, not so good for Cheech as he was held off the scoresheet again last night and only played 13:31... he's running out of chances.

Patty O'Sullivan had another goal and certainly helped his quest to make the Hurricanes opening night roster.  Carolina could certainly use his offensive ability so despite his two-way contract he looks to be on his way to making this team.

Marek Svatos has signed to play in the KHL for this year... so if you're looking for him, that's where he'll be. 

Still nothing that interesting when it comes to cuts... but Tampa sent a few guys back to Jr. that a some people might be interested in: Brett Connolly, Carter Ashton & Richard Panik... so they won't be helping your fantasy team this year.

Daily Distraction 

What's distracting us today? 

- Down Goes Brown + Fantasy Hockey = one sweet ass post.

- Former Isles farm hand Justin Bourne with "10 things I wouldn't know if I never played hockey"

- A great Top-100 list from Chris Nichols are Sportsnet.  Looks pretty bang on to us.

- Stay Classy posted some (fake) notes that were left for players at training camp.

- Sometimes it can be tough to get excited about pre-season games but as this Top 10 list from TSN shows sometimes you can see some pretty special goals.  If only Jason Spezza could play against the Leafs scrubs every night!