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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - Sept 9th, 2010

Dosage Express
Schenn injures knee... Dawes & Potulny go two-ways... Franson re-signs, we like a breakout... Giggy is Ronny's #1... we rant on fantasy hockey infomercials... hockey players should never sing  

Daily Diarrhea   

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Schenn_Brayden Rumours are swirling that Kings prospect Brayden Schenn hurt his knee while training the other day and it may be serious... he's heading to LA and is scheduled to have an MRI today.  This could be big as while we're not expecting a breakout season from Schenn right off the bat we do think he has an excellent shot at making the Kings out of camp and sticking with them all season... stay tuned.

The Thrashers signed Nigel Dawes to a two-way deal... dude's a sniper but probably wasn't a good fit with Brent Sutter in Calgary last year and the two-way deal combined with the depth chart in Atlanta doesn't give us too much hope that he'll see much NHL action this year.

Ryan Potulny also signed a two-way deal but with the Blackhawks... great spot for him as he has a very good shot to make the team out of training camp as the #4C.  He had a pretty decent 32 points in 64 games for the Oilers last year but he's not likely to see anything close to that kind of ice time and opportunity again.   

Franson The Preds re-signed RFA dman Cody Franson to a two-year deal... good that they got this done before camp so that it doesn't become a distraction as we're looking for big things from him this year and have him ranked as the 18th best breakout candidate in the Breakout Bible.

Leafs Coach Ron Wilson says "whoever plays best is going to play" regarding his goalies but then goes on to say that "I envision it being Giggy right now"... way-to give both goalies a fighting chance there Ronny.  So it sounds like JS Giguere will be given the benefit of the doubt here but we think that he's both unreliable & brittle, so we wouldn't count on him holding down the #1 job for long stretches.  We think it will be a pretty even split between him and Jonas Gustavsson with the Swede seeing a little more action as the season winds down. Two reasons we like Gustavsson coming into this year: (1) He finished strong with a 7-2-1, 2.33 & .916 in his last 10 NHL games and then had four wins, 1.79 gaa & .937 for Sweden at the World Championships; and (2) Gustavsson was terribly unlucky last year as he was 1-8 in OT, so if the Leafs can give him a little more support when 4-on-4 then his record should be more favourable. 

We're not really into the self-promotion thing here at FHS, we're more into helping out fantasy GMs like yourself, so it chafes us a lot when we see infomercials like this one over at Puck Daddy by some clown named Rob Higgins as he tries to hawk his $20 book about some made up statistic without ever really telling you anything about it... except how great it is!  Now we're sure Rob is a nice bloke and really knows his hockey but we like to go about things a different way... so we'll continue to plod along here offering up our cheap reports & free advice while guys like that get all the prime publicity on Puck Daddy to sell you all kinds of merch... sorry just had to rant.

Daily Distraction 

What's distracting us today? 

- Here's a clip of Duncan Keith and Dave Bolland signing 'Take Me Out to the Ballgame".  We have two theories:
1) Keith and Bolland enjoy making fools of themselves
2) This is a plan by the Hawks to make the Cubs even less bearable
Hat tip the always entertaining Buzz.