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For Sale: The 2010/11 Fantasy Scouting Report


FSR Logo 2010 Fantasy Hockey Scouts is very proud to announce the release of our 2nd annual 2010/11 Fantasy Scouting Report... it's on the shelves and ready to be downloaded, go to the special FSR page for details and to purchase.  It's only $8.00 or if you want to combine it with our Breakout Bible 2010, you can purchase both for only $12.00.  And if you want to add our Fantasy Prospects DB as well then we'll give you all three for only $16.00.  And if you're not in the combo mood then you can simply get our 2010/11 Projected Player Stats spreadsheet for only $5.00.

For a little preview of what you'll get in the FSR, you can download a free sample of last year's FSR profile for the Penguins... Download 2009-10 FSR_Sample_Penguins

Thanks for your support and good luck!