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We're Moving to SB Nation

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Change ahead At some point in the next hours/days/weeks FHS is going to look a lot different... you'll drop in for a visit and instead of seeing us in our bare bones state that we've been rolling with for the past few weeks, things will be spruced up as we'll be the newest blog added to SB Nation

That's right, we're joining SBN as their fantasy hockey blog... should be a change for the better as we're looking forward to being linked up with all the great blogs that they have over there and hoping to have a lot more interaction with our readers as the SBN community & forums are an excellent place to debate & educate (each other). 

It should be no hassle for our readers as the URL isn't changing so all your bookmarks should still point you right to our new home.  One thing that may change is our news feed... so you may need to change your subscription once we are up and running at SBN.

So look out for the change and be patient as we work out the kinks at our new home...  but we're planning on staying the same, so if you're liking us here, then we hope you'll be liking us there.  As always, thanks for your support and we'll see you on the other side.