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Top 10 Roll The Dice Picks for the 2010-11 Season

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Note: This was a list we put together in August for the FSR but we figured it might still be interesting now, although some stuff has changed a little... take with grain(s) of salt.

This list is for the gamblers out there... the guys that like to go all in at the poker table.  We don't really recommend these guys but if they pan out they'll end up being a steal. 

#10 Marc Savard: (health and ineffectiveness?) - Major concussion problems have slowed him (and continue to haunt him) and his production dropped below 1.0 ppg for the first time in five years.  He's likely out for a while.

#9 Marc-Andre Bergeron: (NHL team?) - After 34 points (with a whopping 22 on the PP) in only 60 games, he's got to end up somewhere right?  He's a flier pick in deep leagues but if he ends up in a good situation he'll make his owners happy.

#8 Sheldon Souray: (health and trade?) - He'll have to start the year in the AHL but if he lands in a good spot and stays healthy, he could be a steal.

#7 Kevin Bieksa: (health and trade?) - The Canucks will deal him eventually... thanks to the cap they'll have to move somebody.  If he's healthy he can put up 40-45 points, 90+ PIM's and 200 shots.  It's a big ‘if' but he might be worth the risk.

#6 Teemu Selanne: (injury?) - He had more than half (27) of his 48 points on the PP.  If he stayed healthy all year he would have put up a 73 point season... a full season of Selanne is too much to ask but we'd be happy with 70 games.

#5 Jordan Eberle / Magnus Paajarvi: (NHL role?) - Some are predicting 70 points for Eberle (which is crazy) and MPS turned a lot of head in the preseason.  The kids are looking good so far but they aren't guaranteed to stick around or play a lot all season... don't forget, they are just kids.

#4 Tyler Seguin: (NHL or junior?) - Salary cap concerns could put Seguin back in junior... or he could have a 65+ point season.  Savard's injury was great news for Seguin owners.

#3 Jiri Hudler: (unknown quantity and line?) - Hasn't played NHL hockey in a year and set to play on 3rd line... could get 60-70 points in right situation.

#2 Nikolai Zherdev: (unknown quantity?) - Bizarre move to bring in Zherdev to replace Gagne.  He's had ~60 points in the NHL... and he's assured to be playing with some nice talent in Philly but does he have his head on straight?

#1 Simon Gagne: (health?) - If Gagne could play a whole season he could have a big one with Lecavalier as his center.  Only problem is he can't stay healthy.