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Daily Distractions - Oct 15th, 2010

Here are a few items we saw around the internet that we thought you might enjoy:

- The Royal Half invited us into their 'Brian Willsie Loser League'.  After one week we're in last... which means we're in first.  We're not sure if this helps our hurts our credibility. [The Royal Half]

- Puck Daddy's famous Jersey Fouls make a return.  Always awesome.  [Puck Daddy]

- 21 years ago today Gretzky broke Gordie's NHL record with his 1,851st career point.  [YouTube]

- Cool post from PPP looking at the sizes and heights of NHL teams and players.  Yup, Nathan Gerbe is still tiny. [PPP]

- Broad Street Hockey takes a look at what the Flyers made per second last year.  Guess who tops with the list with just over $80/sec? [BSH]

- Bangin Panger with some horrible NHL tattoos.  These make us lose faith in society. [Bangin Panger]

- Down Goes Brown with some cost saving techniques for NHL teams. [DGB]

- Houses of the Hockey with Seven Creepy Hockey Commercials.  All good ones, but this one starring Mario takes the creepy cake: