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Top 10 Superstar Breakout Candidates for 2010/11

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We know all you fantasy players out there love your lists.  So we decided to publish a few of the many lists we put together for our draft kit.  We'll release a new list every day or two.

If you have haven't drafted yet we recommend you pick up a copy of our Fantasy Scouting Report and Breakout Bible.  It will give you a leg up on the competition.

Here’s the top 10 guys that have already had breakout seasons, by our standards, and we think are now ready to make the jump to the "Superstar" level (75 points for a forward, 50 points for a dman or elite level (tier 1) goalie):

#10 Loui Eriksson – Flies under the radar a little but had 71 points last year and has Brad Richards as his setup man… so it’s certainly a possibility.

#9 Tyler Myers – 48 points from a rookie blueliner was rather unbelievable and while increasing that total in year #2 also seems unlikely, we’re learning not to doubt this guy.

#8 John Tavares - Has a long way to climb from his 54 point rookie season but we’re encouraged that he finished so strong last year with 6+12=18 in his last 13 games.

#7 Alex Goligoski – His 37 points in 69 games last year works out to a 44 point pace and he should see extra opportunities this year with Gonchar out of the picture.

#6 Erik Johnson – His first two seasons have both been very close to .50 ppg and that’s without the Blues really taking off yet.

#5 Mikko Koivu – Has seen his ppg steadily rising over his five NHL seasons (.33, .66, .74, .85, .89) and another jump in year #6 would put him over the top.

#4 Jaroslav Halak – The move to St.Louis and becoming a full-time starter should vault him into the top 10 fantasy goalies in the league.

#3 Bobby Ryan – His ppg dropped in his second season (from .89 to .79) but it’s only a matter of time for this guy especially if he continues to line up with Getzlaf & Perry.

#2 Jonathan Toews – 68 points in 76 games last year, he would have been real close if it wasn’t for that concussion.  Kane jumped from 70 to 88 points last year and we think Toews will follow his lead this year.


#1 Tuukka Rask – Led the league in gaa & sv% last year and as long as he holds on to the #1 job over Tim Thomas this year, he should put up numbers that will place him amongst the best in the league.