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Daily Distractions - Oct 24th, 2010

Message to Parise: Score some damn goals.
Message to Parise: Score some damn goals.

Here are a few items to keep you busy while you try to figure out why Kovalchuk was a healthy scratch last night.

- We hope Hartnell's powers are not Sampson-esque... otherwise this photo could be bad news for Flyer fans.  [Broad Street Hockey]

- Another Down Goes Brown post, another classic.  We don't know how Sean does it.  Oh right, talent. [Down Goes Brown]

- Remember we told you about Zach Parise (and Eric Staal) joining a Yahoo fantasy hockey league?  Here's a video of Parise breaking down his team.  As a Parise owner, I think he should stop playing fantasy hockey and start scoring some damn goals for me. [Puck Daddy]

- This is a few weeks old (we must have missed it) but it's too good not to post.  It's a commercial featuring Bruce Boudreau performing bird calls. How does he keep the respect of his players after they have seen this? [YouTube with a stick tap to Stanley Cup of Chowder]

- Check out this video we saw over on KK... Detroit Tigers 3B Brandon Inge trying his hand at hockey.