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Daily Distraction - Oct 29th, 2010

Here are a few items to keep you busy before a busy weekend of hockey...

- The only thing we enjoy about Eklund is how easy it is to mock his 'rumours'.  Spector does a great job on a stupid Marc Savard E4 [HI]

- Love this Battle of Alberta cartoon we saw on Oilers Nation.  [Oilers Nation]

- The Bruins fans give thanks to Phil Kessel after Tyler Seguin scored for the B's (around the 1:00 minute mark).  Funny stuff.  [YouTube}

- We got this link from The Dump and Chase... a very funny story about a man and his brand new Pat Verbeek Whaler Jersey.   [Sports Crackle Pop]

- Here are the top 10 NHL vs. TV moments according to CBC.  Nice list but how the hell can you make this list and not embed the video for each.  [CBC]

- Stanley Cup of Chowder's Obligatory Embarrasing [Insert Team Name Here]  Fan YouTube Video is worth the price of admission alone.  Check out this Steve Dangle wanna-be we saw on SCoC yesterday.  If Dangle is a bit annoying then his red haired kid is off the charts: