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Top 10 Injury Shortened Seasons 2010-11

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Those rookie GMs in your league often look at last year's point totals and miss some of the best performances... those guys that missed time due to injuries.  Assuming the risk of them being injured this year is gone (or at least lowered) these guys could be steals. 

#10 David Jones: missed 59 games, played at 57 point pace - Boring name, good player.  He tore his ACL but almost made it back for the playoffs... so he should be good to go.  He's a top player with 60 point potential.

#9 Johan Franzen: missed 55 games, played at 63 point pace - The Mule won't fly under a lot of radars playing in Detroit but we've seen him lower than he should be on some cheatsheets. Injury is always a concern though.

#8 Milan Hejduk: missed 26 games, played at 64 point pace - He missed most of his time with a knee injury but is expected to be ready to go this year.  He's been pretty healthy the last few years, but at 34 you have to worry about him breaking down.

#7 Mike Ribeiro: missed 16 games, played at 66 point pace - We don't really like Ribeiro but point are points.  The Stars have been trying to trade him all season (which is never a good sign) but he's shown he can put up 80 points in the NHL... he should come cheap.

#6 Patrik Elias: missed 24 games, played at 68 point pace - You won't mistake him for Cal Ripken but the 24 games he missed last year were his most since 2005-06.  Could eventually line up with Kovalchuk with the Kovy to RW experiment doesn't work out.

#5 Nathan Horton: missed 17 games, played at 72 point pace - Not all our scouts are on the Horton bandwagon but if he can stay healthy you should see at least a 70+ point season from Horton.  He hasn't done the healthy part for two seasons now.

#4 Ales Hemsky: missed 60 games, played at 82 point pace - His 22 points might get him forgotten about on some lists.  Edmonton won't be the train wreck they were last year and of course there's always the chance he gets dealt to a good team.

#3 Ryan Getzlaf: missed 16 games, played at 85 point pace - Getz has said he's 100% ready.  Even though the five tool stud broke a few fantasy hearts last year, he's still good top 10 pick material.

#2 Evgeni Malkin: missed 15 games, played at 94 point pace - According to some, Malkin went from being a potential #1 pick at the beginning of last year to a bottom 1st rounder this year?  We don't buy it.  His 94 point pace is a minimum.

#1 Daniel Sedin: missed 19 games, played at 111 point pace - His brother got all the attention but Daniel had the much better fantasy season.  If you project his numbers over a full 82 you get an insane: 38+73=111, +47, 36 PIMs, 27 PPP and 293 shots.  He likely won't produce a full season like that, but Daniel should get picked before Henrik.


Note: As spokeinthebandwagon correctly stated below I missed out on Marian Hossa.  My bad.  So here's you go... a bonus #11:

#11 Marian Hossa: missed 25 games, played at a 73 point pace - He hasn't played more than 74 games the last three years but if he can stay healthy all year you can expect around 75 points.  His upside is limited as Chicago is one of the few teams in the league where Hossa is a #2 RW.