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Injury Updates - Oct 3rd, 2010

The news on Brian Campbell's injury came back and while it's not great, it could have been worse... he's out 4-5 weeks with a sprained knee.  So as we mentioned in the Dosage, this keeps a spot open for Nick Leddy to start the year with the big club and likely see some PP time.

Blues prospect Nikita Nikitin broke his wrist and is out for at least four weeks... he was on the bubble to make the team anyway and we suspect that this won't help.

The Flames have been ravaged by injuries so far and the season hasn't even started... but good news as the team says that Olli Jokinen (back) and Rene Bourque (mystery) will both be ready to go for opening night.  But with Langkow, Stajan & Moss out it really opens up the middle for Mikael Backlund to show what he can do (which we don't think is much... we'll see).  On a funny side note, just caught this, on the Forecaster's player bio for Jokinen, check out how it describes his potential...

CAREER POTENTIAL: Moody scoring center.