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Daily Distractions - Oct 3rd, 2010

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We know the start to the season is less than a week away but it feels like forever.  To help get you through the last week of training camp here are a few things to distract you;

- Wondering how the Wild and their adventures in Finland are going?  They had to take an elevator down three levels to skate in a cave apparently.  We love Finland.  [Star Tribune]

- Red Bull teamed up with Dion Phaneuf to make a couple of boring commercials.  The scenery is nice though. [CtC]

- Roy MacGregor compares Hockey Night in Canada to Seinfeld.  Hmmm crazy ideas, weird clothing, loud.  We guess Don Cherry is Kramer then.  He's right though, TSN is doing a much better job. [G&M]

- Scott Cullen lists pretty much every possible candidate for the Calder trophy in this week's mail bag.  What are the odds some player not on the list pulls a Tyler Myers? [TSN]

- On Frozen Blog is not a big fan of the Capitals Winter Classic threads.  We don't blame them. [OFB]

- Puck Daddy with a long chat with NHL VP Mike Murphy.  Worth a read. [Puck Daddy]

- Do you know somebody who says figure skating is for wimps?  If not, you do now... because that's us.  We might have to change our opinion after seeing what happened to George Laraque during a filming of Battle of the Blades. [stick tap to KK]