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Top 10 Breakdown Candidates for 2010/11

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Knowing who is going to be a complete flop is just as important as knowing who is going to bust out.  Those of you in auction leagues need to pay particular attention to these guys... you don't want to end up with one of these albatrosses on your squad by accident.  This list was compiled using the 2010/11 projected stats which are part of our Fantasy Scouting Report.  On with the list...

#10 Alex Steen: from 47 to 42 pts - It looks like only a five point drop but last year's numbers were in only 68 games and we're projecting a full season this year.  If he's lucky enough to stay healthy we can't see him putting up that pace again on the 3rd line.

#9 Brad Richards: from 91 to 77 pts - His 40 PPP will be very hard to duplicate.  A point-a-game season is more likely.

#8 R.J. Umberger: from 55 to 48 pts - With Filatov expected to join the team full-time somebody will get booted from a scoring line.  Umberger makes the most sense to move to the 3rd.

#7 Vinny Prospal: from 58 to 49 pts - Probably not playing with Gaborik this year (thanks to Frolov's arrival) and he's 35-years-old.

#6 Stephane Robidas: from 41 to 32 pts - He was a 20-30 point dman until last year's 41 points... so this is just a market correction.

#5 Henrik Sedin: from 112 to 97 pts - He'll have a great season but not an amazing one... don't draft him expecting another 112 points.

#4 Jussi Jokinen: from 65 to 54 pts -  His 65 pts in 82 games last year was one of the biggest breakouts of the season.  But his shooting % (18.8%) was the 8th highest in the league and waaay higher than his career average (11.7%).  Now we're hearing rumblings he's going to get bumped off the top line.

#3 Filip Kuba: from 28 to 25 pts - He only played 53 games last year so 28 pts was a nice total.  He's already hurt this year and with Gonchar and Karlsson around his PP time will drop significantly.

#2 Kurtis Foster: from 42 to 29 pts - He went from the PP QB on a very talented PP unit to sharing the QB duties on a young & not as talented squad... he's also quite injury prone.

#1 Tomas Kaberle: from 49 to 38 pts - Had a great start last season but put up only 3 in his final 22 games.  He's in the coaches doghouse and will have trade rumours hanging over his head all year.