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Top 10 Points-PIMs Combo Players for 2010-11

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PIMs may not make a lot of sense to use in fantasy leagues but it's always fun having a few tougher guys in your lineup.  These players will give you the truculence to keep your inner Brian Burke happy, without sacrificing the points that actually win your league. All of the statistics below are projections from our Fantasy Scouting Report.

#10 David Clarkson: 37 pts / 146 PIM's - Played at a 42 point pace in injury shortened season last year.  We would like him even more if Kovy didn't sign and he was playing on a scoring line.

#9 Dion Phaneuf: 37 pts / 103 PIM's - If he can get back to the 60 pts / 180 PIM level he used to play at he would be at the top of the list.  Small improvements this season just get him on the list.

#8 Wayne Simmonds: 50 pts / 111 PIM's - Emerging power forward will look to build on 40 pts from last year.  If he finds his way on a scoring line... breakout potential.

#7 Chris Pronger: 47 pts / 85 PIM's - He's one of the two best pts/PIM's combos you'll find on the blueline... but age and injuries will catch up with him eventually.

#6 Zdeno Chara: 50 pts / 95 PIM's - He may not get as many points as the other superstud dmen out there but he'll get more PIM's.  Add in his shots, PPP and +/- and he's a big-time fantasy asset.

#5 Alex Burrows: 50 pts / 112 PIM's - He'll miss the beginning of the season due to injury but should still produce fine numbers.

#4 Scott Hartnell: 53 pts / 148 PIM's - Posted 60 points two years ago but looks like he'll top out in the 50's this season.  He showed a lot of chemistry with Leino and Briere in the playoffs.

#3 David Backes: 55 pts / 130 PIM's - He's on the cusp of being a true fantasy star.  If he can get those points up into the 60+ level his value will skyrocket... he's the #1C in STL now.

#2 Corey Perry: 80 pts / 111 PIM's - He's the highest scorer on this list but his PIM total is relatively small compared to the rest of the guys here.  He's one of the most valuable fantasy wingers out there.

#1 Steve Downie: 56 pts / 192 PIM's - We're hoping (and projecting) that his 2nd half last year was no fluke... 60 pts / 200 PIM potential is pretty much unheard of.