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Daily Dosage - Oct 5th, 2010

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HEADS UP... we updated our 2010/11 Fantasy Scouting Report yesterday so if you have a late draft then this is some of the freshest fantasy hockey draft advice, projections & cheatsheets that you can find.

Not much news out there as exhibitions are done (save some Euro-friendlies) but lots of roster trimming (see below)...

It didn't take Brendan Morrison long or a great distance to find more work as he stays in Western Canada after signing a one-year deal with Calgary.  They're in need of help at center with Stajan & Langkow out and Morrison could slide right into the #2C spot.  He's worth a look in deeper leagues and he could surprise but we think this guy has lost a step over the past two years and we doubt he can make much of an impact in the limited time until Stajan returns.

Another vet who came to camp without a contract got a deal as Rusty Fedotenko made the Rangers out of camp with an impressive pre-season where he led the team in scoring with 1+6=7 (& plus-minus with a plus-5) in five games.  That all sounds great but this guy is a consistent 30 point player, nothing more.  I mean, if he couldn't crack the 40 point level in two season of playing with Malkin then I don't think there's much hope in New York.

Jonathan Bernier has won the Kings #2 job (and eventually the #1) as Erik Ersberg is on waivers and likely heading to the minors.  As a reward the team also gave Bernier a two-year contract extension starting next year... just to let him know that they care.  We think Bernier will prove that he's a better option than Quick but it may take a while, so if you have that kind of patience then give it a go as there's lots of long-term upside here. 

Lots of roster cutting going on, here's what we found interesting:

  • The Flyers released Bill Guerin from his try-out, so he's gotta be about finished, we'd assume. 
  • The Leafs cut down their roster and, as suspected, Nazem Kadri didn't make the cut so he'll head to the AHL.  Don't get too down on the kid, he'll be back later this season.  They also sent Christian Hanson & Luca Caputi down but they are currently only carrying 12 forwards on their roster so expect one of this guys to be back up pretty quickly (we'd guess it would be Caputi)
  • Atlanta sent Euro-vet Fredrik Pettersson to the AHL, by some accounts he was impressive in training camp and the pre-season but he doesn't seem like a Rick Dudley guy so we're not surprised... we'll see if he wants to stick it out in the AHL or if he heads back to Europa.
  • Ditto for Linus Omark as the Oilers sent him to Ok City... the writing was on the wall here from the beginning as I had a hard time seeing the Oilers starting the year with more than three rookies up front... Omark will probably be back up shortly as he looked good in the pre-season action that I saw.
  • Dallas made the young Dane Philip Larsen one of their last cuts... he'll head to the AHL and we'll be keeping a close eye on him.
  • We had thought that 19-year-old sniper Jeremy Morin had done enough to get a further look from the Hawks but apparently not (for now) as he was sent to the AHL.  This will be of interest to a lot of people, especially in Kitchener, as they were hoping that he'd be returned to Jr. but it looks like they're SOL.
  • The Devils sent their pair of young Swedes, Jacob Josefson & Mattias Tedenby, to the AHL... they could stand to gain some confidence and experience and the Devils are in no rush.