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Daily Distractions - Oct 5th, 2010

Okay we're down to two days until the start of the season.  With (nearly) no more preseason games you'll need something to distract you.  Well here are some things that might keep you from watching the last week of the regular season in baseball:

- First, a few items that aren't entertaining but might be of interest to you.  The NHL schedule on iCal and the Official NHL TV Guide for US viewers.

- Puck Daddy with a list of over/under's for all of the top players in the league.  Ummmm we'll take that under on Gaborik any day of the week.  Bet your house!  [Puck Daddy]

- A new St. Louis Blues ad that we saw in the awesome Daily Links on STLGT.  It's pretty dull, but we're big Oshie fans so we'll give it the thumbs up anyway. [YouTube via  St. Louis Game Time]

- Is this the ugliest hat on earth?  We think it might be.  Seems to work in Philly though. [Mother Pucker]

- Houses of the Hockey has a new project... Greatest NHL Players By Letter.  Deron Quint and Zarley Zalapski just got their hopes up.  [House of the Hockey]

- The Hockey News and Dobber with some guys to target very late in deep leagues [The Hockey News]

- A look at the Top 20 goalies to draft this season.  We're linking here because they have a unique look at B2B games we haven't seen anywhere else (Buffalo leads the league with 22 B2B's.  Vancouver and Edmonston are last with 11).  Their Top 20 rankings are only useful if your league doesn't count gaa and/or sv%.  Miller behind Halak?  Price above Rask?  There won't be many drafts where that happens [Hockey Independent]

- Total Pro Sports with the 20 Best Overzealous and Over The Top Celebrations.... four hockey clips make the list, including this one: