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Schedule Summary - Oct 7 to Oct 17

Schedule Summary Logo This is for all of you that are in leagues with weekly transactions... a little summary if you need some assistance setting your fantasy hockey lineup.

Week #1 in most leagues run on Yahoo! & CBS should span from Oct 7th to Oct 17th, so a long week and a busy one as some teams play 6 games while others only play three so it'll be of paramount importance to max out your games this week. 

Check out the spreadsheet, we think you'll find it useful.  The rankings shown in the sheet for goals/gm & gaa are last year's numbers (we'll switch to this year's numbers in a few weeks.

If we can figure out how to get this to look pretty, then we'll put it directly into the post (remember, we're new around here, still figuring things out) but for now... you get to download it.

UPDATE: DAMN YOU IRREGULAR WEEKS!... after I uploaded the orignal file I remembered that although it's an 11 day week, Yahoo! (not sure about CBS) will allow you to reset your lineup on Sunday Oct 10th for the following 7 days, so I modified the sheet so that you can see the game split (if that applies to you)...

Updated file: FHS_Sked Summary_Week1