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Injury Updates - Oct 6th, 2010

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Sorry I'm a little late with this, in the middle of a stupid draft that keeps distracting me... anyhoo...

Carey Price has the sniffles and says he might not be able to go on opening night... way to tough it out, that's certainly going to sway the people that said they should have kept Halak.

Kris Russell tried to return yesterday in exhibition action overseas from his sprained knee injury but he ended up re-aggravating it... he's questionable for the CBJs games this Friday & Saturday but this doesn't appear to be anything too serious.

Vladimir Sobotka was put on the IR by St.Louis as he's still recovering from offseason shoulder surgery.  He hasn't been practicing yet so he's likely still a ways off. 

Erik Johnson & Andy McDonald both missed Blues practice yesterday with sore hips but the team thinks both will be ready to go for their opener on Saturday.