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Daily Distractions - Oct 7th, 2010

It's go time people.  With the season officially underway you might not need as much entertainment as a few days ago but here are a few items you might want to check out around the interweb in between games:

- Blackhawks' viral marketing campaign... putting ice sculptures of the Stanley Cup all over Chicago  [Puck Daddy]

- A look at who could win the NHL's TV rights... looks like a two dog race. [SPJ]

- The Royal Half finds their inner Mad Men as they take a look at the new LA Kings billboard campaign... and even make a few of their own. [The Royal Half]

- Part Two of House of the Hockey's Greatest NHL Players By Letter... we were wondering how they were going to handle "X". [HotH]

- Chris Boyle from Habs Eyes on the Prize with a corker of a post.  "Five Good Reasons Carey Price is Still in Montreal".  The post is so good, I'm almost convinced that trading Halak was the right idea. [HEotP]

- Bye-bye Buffaslug.  [NY Times]

- Finally since we have actual-real-life-game-action we need to show a clip from the first game of the year... which we watched on our Game Center Live account.  So glad to have that thing.  If you live out-of-market we don't know how you live without it.  Canes beat the Wild... Brandon Sutter owners rejoiced!