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Injury Updates - Oct 8th, 2010

Jason Spezza suffered a "tweak" of some unknown body part (speculation is the groin) at practice the other day and while it's not considered serious, he is questionable for tonight's opener.

Dion Phaneuf took a shot off the ankle and then a skate to the chest last night but returned from both so while he might be a little sore, he shouldn't miss any action.

Kris Russell has been off again, on again over the past few days but the word now is that he's off and won't play in the CBJs opening game today... but he could play in the rematch with the Sharks tomorrow.

Semyon Varlamov's mystery injury is... a sore groin.  Which isn't really shocking but a little troubling as he struggled to recover from a groin injury last year.  It's not considered serious but you never know.  He is back practicing a little but Coach Bruce says that Michal Neuvirth could start the first three games.  [more]