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Fantasy Hockey Links - Dec 20th, 2010

"Sweet now I have a new cereal bowl"
"Sweet now I have a new cereal bowl"

These aren't necessarily articles I recommend (or have even read) but since there are so few quality sources for fantasy hockey news we figure the more you get, the better prepared you'll be.  All else fails it will make a great time killer on Monday morning at work.

If I missed a good fantasy hockey article feel free to add it into the comments.  We don't mind shameless self promotion in this post either, so if you wrote one... have at it.

We'll start with a few of our articles you might have missed out on and then move around to the rest of the interweb.

Fantasy Hockey Scouts

Stat O' The Week - Face Offs - Fantasy Hockey Scouts
A closer look at Face Off's as a fantasy statistic.  Is adding FO's a good idea for your league?

Line Combo Look: West - Dec 14th, 2010 - Fantasy Hockey Scouts
A look at recent changes to lines around the Western Conference and how they affect your fantasy teams.

Line Combo Look: East - Dec 15th, 2010 - Fantasy Hockey Scouts
A look at recent changes to lines around the Eastern Conference and how they affect your fantasy teams.

An FHS Podcast: Scout vs. Scout: Christmas Edition - Fantasy Hockey Scouts
Follow the link to listen to us rattle on about fantasy hockey.

The Rest

Frozen Fantasy: Do your homework [Yahoo!]
Doing the proper amount of homework and research can make a tremendous difference in your results.

Fantasy Hockey: Hard solutions for your roster's soft spots [Puck Daddy]
Here are this week's players who might help you out of a few difficult spots

Fantasy Hockey: Making your midseason comeback [Puck Daddy]
Here are some players who could help you make some waves.

Fantasy Hockey - Shots on Goal: The season of sharing [CBS]
No shortage of goaltending tandems to challenge owners as we hit mid-December. They break down all of the current timeshares around the NHL and go around the league in the latest edition of Shots on Goal.

Fantasy hockey: goaltending battles part 2 [Hockey Independent]
After two months into the season, a look at the goal tending battles raging on in the NHL. Some teams still don’t have a clear-cut starter like Roberto Luongo, Ryan Miller or Martin Brodeur.

Fantasy Five:'s new fantasy statistics [NHL]'s new fantasy-specific stats let you search for some of the most interesting stats you can think of.

The Net Effect [Fantasy Hockey]
A closer look at the tender situations in Philly, Tampa, Ottawa and with the Islanders.

The Goods Christmas Special [Fantasy Hockey]
A look forward in top 5 list form

Nuggets of Fantasy Wisdom [Rotoworld]
A collection of notes, observations and opinions they'd like to pass along to you about the NHL.

Waiver Wired - New and Improved! [Dobber]
Some players who have rebounded from sub-par 2009-10 campaigns and others who are now in the right place to make an impact.

A Look Back, Part II [Dobber]
Alook back (chronologically) at some more players he's written about in the last year, and how good his assessment was.

Top 215 Prospects [Dobber]
Here is the list of Top 200 prospects to own in your deep fantasy pool. This is not a reflection of a player's actual upside in the NHL, but more of an indicator of his value in pools.

December Audit [Dobber]
A look at a reader’s keeper league team in the hopes of helping him toward a championship.

15 Points to Consider [Dobber]
15 observations with a heavy emphasis on the fantasy side of hockey. Prospects, goalies, sleepers, busts, it will all be covered each week.

Between the Pipes - Lindback, Mason, Bernier [Fanball]
A closer look at three young keepers

Is Chris Pronger simply irreplaceable? [Daily Faceoff]
A look at how you can replace the big man's statistics one by one in the stat pool:

Articles for setting next week's lineup:

- Schedule Summary - Dec 20 to Dec 26  [Fantasy Hockey Scouts]
- Fantasy Hockey Planner – Week 11 [Hockey Independent]
- Crashing the Net – Week 10 Waiver Wire [Daily Faceoff]
- Looking Ahead: Week 11 [Fantasy Hockey]
- The Week Ahead - Merry Christmas! [Rotoworld]
- Looking Ahead - Week 11 [Dobber]


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