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Fantasy Hockey Links - Dec 27th, 2010

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These aren't necessarily articles I recommend (or have even read) but since there are so few quality sources for fantasy hockey news we figure the more you get, the better prepared you'll be.  All else fails it will make a great time killer on Monday morning at work.

If I missed a good fantasy hockey article feel free to add it into the comments.  We don't mind shameless self promotion in this post either, so if you wrote one... have at it.

We'll start with a few of our articles you might have missed out on and then move around to the rest of the interweb.

Fantasy Hockey Scouts

WJC Players to Watch
We take a look at some of the prospects playing that could help your fantasy squad in the future

Schedule Summary
A handy little tool to help you set your roster each week

Fantasy Fortnight - Who's HOT and Who's COLD
A look back at the last two weeks of hockey to see who's hot and cold

The Rest

Top 50 Fantasy Players [NHL]
What does Crosby need to do to be named #1?

The Big Board [Yahoo!]
Yahoo! put Crosby where he belongs

Frozen Fantasy: Deck the Halls [Yahoo!]
Eagleson with a list of players that caught her eye and might help your squad

How to Make Your Midseason Comeback [Puck Daddy]
A few players that might help you pick up a few points in each category

15 Points to Consider - Holiday Editiion [Dobber]
One of the few features I'm really enjoying from other fantasy sites... nice work by Angus

Santa or The Grinch [Dobber]
I try to keep my opinions to myself for these links but I just can't on this one... gotta cover our boy's back.  Apparently Logan Couture is "The Grinch".  I'm not really sure what that means but Ryan Ma thinks Couture's production will drop because "Heatley, Thornton, Pavelski and Marleau [are on pace to] finish with 77, 74, 62 and 59 points respectively, which is too low in my opinion, so something has to give. It’s going to be at the expense of Clowe and Couture."  That makes no sense to me.  If those stars start playing better Couture's production should rise, shouldn't it?  He'll continue to get good minutes on a scoring line and the PP either way so he'll be fine.

Fantasy Pool Look [The Hockey News]
A few notes from around the league and a closer look at Sergei Kostitsyn

10 Players to Keep An Eye On at WJHC [Fantasy Knuckleheads]
The title really sums this one up well

Fantasy Hockey Gift Returns [Hockey Independent]
12 players you wish you could return for a refund

The 10 Most Disappointing Players So Far [Hockey Independant]
Not technically a fantasy article but it's a good list for fantasy players

The Net Effect [Fantasy Hockey]
A closer look at the tender situations in Philly, Tampa, Phoenix and on the Island

Fire on Ice [Fantasy Hockey]
A look at five players who are hot

Between The Pipes [Fanball]
A quick look around the league are some key goalie performances.

Shooting Gallery: Emergence of Young Guns [Fanball]
Four players with lower than expected performances so far.... although they aren't really 'young'

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