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Injury Updates - Dec 8th, 2010

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For a consolidated list of injuries & current status, see our Injury Updates page.

Shawn Horcoff suffered a serious knee injury last night and speculation is that he could be out for eight weeks... he'll be re-evaluated today.

Pascal Leclaire left last night's game with a few minutes to go with an undisclosed injury... I didn't see it but since it's Leclaire, I'm assuming he'll be out a month.

Scott Gomez left last night's game early due to a LBI, not sure on the extent... now is your chance to drop him guilt-free.

Milan Lucic had a skate cut his wrist but he was able to return to the game last night so it doesn't seem that serious.

In the same sentence, Coach Q said that Patrick Kane is "probably going to be out upward of three weeks" and "we're hoping that's the maximum"... I'm a little confused but I guess the takeaway is that he's out for around three weeks, maybe more.

So Andy McDonald does have a concussion and is out indefinitely... he's missed a bunch of time with multiple concussions in the past so this could be bad.

Returning to action from the injured list last night:  Teemu Selanne & Brian Elliott.