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Fantasy Hockey Scouts... now available in stunning SB Nation

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Welcome to FHS & welcome to our first official post on SB Nation... we're very happy to be here & we're glad you decided to join us (or accidentally punched in some random combination of keys that landed you here).

Those of you that are regular readers... you're back!  Hope you enjoy the new digs. 

Those of you that are new... we've been waiting for you, come on in and make yourself at home.

So here we are... SB Nation needed a fantasy hockey blog and we've been blogging bout fantasy hockey since 2008 so it seemed like a match made by eHarmony.  After intense negotiations (how many zeros is that??? oh, just one) we came to an agreement and that's all we're at liberty to discuss until the pending lawsuits are settled.

Please be patient as we smooth out the rough edges and get settled into the new place but within no time we should be back up to full speed.  We hope that the move will allow us to do a few different things and do them more often (sounds kinky).  We also hope to have more interaction with our readers cause that's the lifeblood of fantasy hockey... healthy debates, so get your SBN account and let the convo begin.  Otherwise, once we get going, things should be just like you've come to expect from us as we'll be giving you all the fantasy hockey news, analysis & opinions on a daily basis.

Alright, not sure what else there is to say... how bout, let's do this, shall we?.