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Daily Distractions - Sept. 30th, 2010

Sure we're a fantasy hockey blog, but we're hockey fans first and foremost.  Here are some items around the internet that have distracted us today:

- In what year did Stanley Cup rings go from something you could actually wear to something that only a rapper or royality could get away with wearing?

- Puck Daddy with another installment of Jersey Fouls.  That Stamkos-Whalers mashup is amazing!

- The Cannon asked us a few fantasy related questions about the Jackets.  

- Houses of Hockey with a video compilation of the best glass breaking hits in history... worth a watch.

- A great list of young impact players from Elliotte Friedman.  We recommend pretty much all the guys he's talking about in the top of this post.

- Finally, the awesome YouTube channel HockeyWebCaster posted a gem of an Ovie CCM commercial: