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Injury Updates - Jan 10th, 2011

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For a consolidated list of injuries & current status, see our Injury Updates page.

Cam Ward skipped a start last night due to a LBI... the team says he could have played but they were just being cautious, so doesn't sound serious.

Alex Frolov torn up his knee some good so he's done for the rest of the year and likely won't be in the NHL for a while.

Can't believe I missed this since I'm such a fan... Chris Higgins sat out Saturday night's game due to a LBI, he's listed as day-to-day.   There he goes, wasting my time once again.

The latest on Pascal Leclaire is that he will miss at least one more week... why don't we just go ahead and call him questionable for the rest of the season and then it will be gravy if he ever does manage to play?

Here's your daily Sidney Crosby update:  Sid was resting at home yesterday, eating normally, he slept 9.5 hours, was able to watch nearly three episodes of The Love Boat and made it to the fridge three times for a Yuengling... but no word if he's feeling any better.     

Returning to action from the injured list last night:  Joni Pitkanen.