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Injury Updates - Jan 14th, 2011

For a consolidated list of injuries & current status, see our Injury Updates page.

Ed Jovanovski was a little tipsy after a check by Mike Brown last night and he didn't return to the game... so he could be out a bit.

Kris Versteeg sat out the game due to an undisclosed injury... either that or Ron Wilson forgot to slide some cash under his hotel room door and so he's withholding his services until payment is rendered.

Chris Stewart's hand is ready for action so he should return tonight.

Jose Theodore is out for tonight's game due to a hip injury... not sure how long he'll be out.

Matthew Lombardi (concussion) says he is getting a little better but it doesn't sound like he's making a lot of progress and it wouldn't surprise me if he doesn't play at all this season.

Your daily Sidney Crosby update: The Penguins will not give any more updates until something changes... which in itself is not good news since it means nothing has changed.

Returning to action from the injured list last night:  Nikolay Zherdev & Joe Pavelski.