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Injury Updates - Jan 17th, 2011

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McCabe's jaw during happier times... ie when it opened
McCabe's jaw during happier times... ie when it opened

For a consolidated list of injuries & current status, see our Injury Updates page.

As we learned when Bryan McCabe was in Toronto, dude can put up with a lot of abuse... well turns out he was playing on Saturday night with a broken jaw & a broken finger (and likely a few boos).  The injuries have caught up to him though and he'll be sitting out the next two weeks, at least, after having surgery to fix said jaw.

Missed this one... Marek Svatos didn't play in both Saturday & Sunday games due to a LBI, his status is day-to-day.

Marc Savard says he feels fine, just a sore neck after that hit he took on Saturday, and the last I saw he's expected to be in the lineup today... ummm, ok.

Well the "gone for the season" speculation on Ryan O`Reilly was a little premature it seems as he's expected to just miss a few weeks with a UBI (concussion/shoulder injury).

Kyle Cumiskey has been out since October with a concussion but he may be able to return this week.