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Fantasy Hockey Links - Jan 18th, 2011

These aren't necessarily articles I recommend (or have even read) but since there are so few quality sources for fantasy hockey news we figure the more you get, the better prepared you'll be.  All else fails it will make a great time killer on Monday morning at work.

If I missed a good fantasy hockey article feel free to add it into the comments.  We don't mind shameless self promotion in this post either, so if you wrote one... have at it.

Also, I'm only linking to free articles.  I figure if you're paying for a subscription you're probably already checking out those sites.

I'll start with a few of ours you might have missed and then get to the rest of the web.

Fantasy Hockey Scouts

Stat O' The Week - Is Getting Traded a Good Thing? - According to the numbers 62% of the time the answer is yes

Fantasy Stars of the Week - Week #14 - Like the NHL's Stars of the Week... but better

Potential Pickups - Some players we recommend you take a long look at if they are available in your league

The Fantasy Five - Five quick fantasy notes... hosted by

Line Combo Look: West East - A look at the line combo and power play changes in the league

Fantasy Fortnight - Who's Hot & Who's Cold - Which players are streaking and slumping over the last two weeks

The Rest

Fantasy Hockey Mattters - This isn't an article but a site you might want to check out.  Feeds from many different fantasy sites going to one place. 

Tim Thomas, Jonas Hiller, Carey Price among top performers at midseason [ESPN]

Dustin Byfuglien, Keith Yandle among top fantasy defensemen at halfway point [ESPN]

Toronto Maple Leafs' power play coming through, helping Nikolai Kulemin, others [ESPN]

Sidney Crosby, Steven Stamkos outshine Alex Ovechkin in season's first half [ESPN]

Looking Ahead - Week 15 [Dobber]

Win and You’re In [Dobber]

It’s all in the Numbers [Dobber]

Under-17 Championship Recap [Dobber]

15 Points to Consider [Dobber]

Front and Center [Fantasy Hockey]

Fire on Ice [Fantasy Hockey]

Looking Ahead: Week 15 [Fantasy Hockey]

The Net Effect [Fantasy Hockey]

Scouting Andrew MacDonald and other waiver-wire options [Yahoo! Sports]

Frozen Fantasy [Yahoo! Sports]

F&F Check-in: Midseason heroes and zeroes [Yahoo! Sports]

Team Prospectus: Nashville Predators [Hockey Prospectus]

Early Trading Strategies to Make The Playoffs [Saucer Pass]'s Fantasy Insider
We poke fun at these FI videos and who they recommend to pick up often but they actually do an okay job this week... Sergei Kostitsyn, Mikhail Grabovski and David Jones.  Oops, I think we just ruined the video.  Now that you know the three names you don't really need to watch it.