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An FHS Chat: The 2nd Half Draft

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Holy $@#%!  Scott Gomez is #1 at something!
Holy $@#%! Scott Gomez is #1 at something!

Cam and I were talking about putting together a post of players that should improve in the 2nd half. We thought in order to spice up a boring old post we would do what all fantasy players do and turn it into a competition... welcome to the 2nd Half Draft!

The Rules:
- The winning team is the one with the larger collective increase in ppg
- Players must play a minimum of 10 games in the 1st half and 2nd half to have their ppg's counted
- For goalies we're looking for an increase in save % (times 20 to even things up)
- 6 forwards, 4 dmen and 2 goalies

Cam and I had pretty different strategies coming into the draft. Cam was looking more at players who have been hot lately and players who historically play well in the second half. I was looking for guys who really dropped off in the 1st half and have plenty of room for growth and upside.

Who do you think will win?

And away we go...the coin flip gave Cam the 1st overall pick and he went with....

CC: #1 Scott Gomez, F (.51ppg)

JM: That was a letdown.... what do you think he'll finish with?

CC: nfc but he he's had 14 in his last 17 and is typically better in the 2nd half

JM: Terribly disappointing.

CC: clear 1st overall pick

JM: #2 Ilya Kovalchuk, F (.59)

CC: that's who I would have taken next

CC: a-hole

JM: He definitely can't be any worse

CC: #3 Jason Pominville, F (.67)

CC: 13 pts in his last 11 games and, once again, historically a good 2nd half player

JM: I like it... he was on my list as well

JM: #4 Simon Gagne, F, (.34)

JM: A bit out there but I figure he's got more room for growth than anybody

CC: ouch... I had him on my list of players who might put up .00 ppg in the 2nd half

JM: He had a good 2nd half last year too!

CC: remember he has to play at least 10 games

JM: Yeah it's a bit of a risk.

JM: Hoping he gets to 11

CC: reach for the stars, my friend

JM: I always do

CC: #5 Mike Green, D, (.53)

JM: Nice one.

CC: could double his ppg in the 2nd half

JM: Or he could continue to learn how to play the trap

JM: #6 Martin Brodeur, G (.890)

CC: booo

JM: hooray!

CC: maybe he gets to .891, no higher

JM: I'd take that from Fatso

CC: watch and learn with the goalies...

CC: #7 Antti Niemi, G, (.910)

JM: Yeah he's was my #3 choice

CC: last 10 GP: .930

JM: Marty only has to get to .910 and he'll bring the same value though

CC: but Marty is a .666 over his last 10 games (or something like that)

JM: #8 Wojtek Wolski, F (.51)

JM: I like the guys with the crazy low ppg

CC: Would have been a good pick if we were doing this at the trade deadline... I can't see him remaining motivated for three more months

JM: Why do you hate Wolski so much? He seems like a nice guy.

CC: Fantasy hockey is a cruel world... you gotta put up numbers

CC: #9 Sergei Gonchar, D (.43)

JM: Hoping for a trade out of Ottawa?

CC: That wouldn't hurt but he's due to wake up soon

JM: Good pick... he was supposed to be by next pick.

JM: #10 Duncan Keith, D (.55)

CC: Not even on my list

JM: Way down from last year... hoping he figures it out. Maybe a bit of panic after Gonchar went.

CC: Last year was the aberation

JM: Yeah could be... but the hope is there.

CC: #11 Dany Heatley, F (.91)

CC: Big 2nd half from O'Dany boy. Sens fans... eat your heart out

JM: Meh... what's the best he gets? A point-a-game?

CC: 1.35 in the 2nd half, 1.10 for the year

JM: That's crazy talk

JM: #12 Alex Ovechkin, F (.98)

JM: We projected him for 120 points... he's got some work to do in the 2nd half

CC: I'm indifferent with that one, definitely should improve but I don't know how much

JM: I think he's got more upside than Heater does.

CC: Perfect leaves me with the dynamic duo...

CC: #13 Joe Thornton, F, (.96)

JM: Alright time to change gears from these big guns....

JM: #14 Tyler Seguin, F, (.36)

CC: good for you he's really picking it up with 5 in his last 16 games

JM: He doesn't have to score much to see an increase

CC: He's a bust in this draft, He's the Kovalchuk of this draft

JM: I'm just hoping for a 50 point pace the rest of the way

CC: Good luck with that

JM: Lots of upside

CC: Goalie time...

JM: Looks like I'll be taking my last goalie with my last pick then

CC: #15 Jaroslav Halak, G (.911)

JM: Not bad. He was on the short list

CC: I'd like to add that I think Henrik Lundqvist will have the best 2nd half of any goalie... but hard to improve on .928

JM: That's the tricky thing about this draft

JM: #16 Dion Phaneuf, D (.28)

JM: I don't like it at all but I figure he can't be much worse.

CC: I don't like that pick at all either

JM: Upside

CC: upside with reason?

JM: He's playing at like a 20 point pace... I think he's better than that. Not much, but some

CC: I'm drafting guys who will improve "much" not "some"

JM: I don't like many of the options out there at D. I got two bizarre on my short list

CC: here's a dman you should have taken...

CC: #17 P.K. Subban, D (.40)

JM: Yeah he was on the list but I don't see him getting much more than .4 in the 2nd half

CC: 6 pts in his last eight games

JM: Great... can he do that over the long haul? He hasn't been very consistent this season

CC: During the stretch where he was getting scratched he had 3 pts in 16 games... he's come out of that playing a ton and producing

JM: You're probably right though... I don't like my D so far. Time to change that....

CC: why do I get the feeling I'm going to be unimpressed

JM: #18 Tyler Myers, D (.4)

CC: not bad, had him on my list

JM: I'm soooo glad

CC: 8 pts in his first 27 & 9 pts in his last 16... might be a good one for you.

JM: Lots of upside... been saying that a lot today

CC: I'll match your Seguin pick, sorta...

CC: #19 Derek Stepan, F (.58)

CC: Loving this rookie

JM: Interesting... he's been doing pretty well so far. Hoping for the Wolski bump?

JM: Correct me if I'm wrong but you weren't that high on him early in the year

CC: Wasn't playing a lot to start the year 5 pts in 16 gms and now 23 in the last 32 (.72)

CC: I wasn't but 23 in 32 will change a guy's mind

JM: Fair enough. Alright ready for the WTF pick of the draft?

CC: NO, but I think you're going to do it anwyay

JM: Actually I just talked myself out of it... I'll go with a slightly less stupid pick....

CC: be my guest

JM: #20 Victor Hedman, D (.39)

CC: really???

JM: Yeah I was originally thinking Michael Del Zotto, then I was thinking about Dmitry Kulikov, then Tom Gilbert

CC: is this one of those where you say you don't really like this pick?... cause it should be

JM: Sure whatever. Didn't do a good job with the D today. Dammit.

CC: Hedman - 1:33 on the PP this year, 2 PPPs... yikes

CC: Not going to take off without PP time

JM: Yeah not good. Four points in his last four though.

JM: Should have went with Gilbert!

CC: Here's the dman on Tampa you should have went with...

CC: #21 Pavel Kubina, D (.34)

JM: Yeah I had him on the list too.

CC: Kubina's career ppg - .396 pre Jan 1st, .439 post, his numbers go up every year

CC: Bieksa was the other dman I was looking at... 10 pts in his last 14

JM: Yeah I considered him as well

JM: #22 Tim Connolly, F (.58)

CC: Not bad until he hurts himself break-dancing

JM: As long as he gets 10 games he can dance however much he wants

CC: Last pick for me...

CC: #23 Andrew Brunette, F (.57)

CC: .42 in his first 26 games

CC: .76 in his last 21 games

JM: Not bad

JM: I'm going to go out on a limb for my final pick...

CC: Fits with your team strategy

JM: #24 Jonathan Bernier, G (.893)

CC: nice... I looked at him as I don't trust Quick but Bernier hasn't been that great (even lately)... he'll really need to pick it up.

JM: Again... I like the guys with a ton of room for improvement. Bernier fits the bill

JM: I like my F's and G's but I messed up the D pretty bad

CC: I think there's a number of guys on your team that won't improve at all

JM: I think you're ugly