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Sunday's Daily Dosage - not much, Malkin & Shinkaruk

I figured there would be some news to discuss this morning but there really isn't much of anything and the skills competition (the part I saw) was as boring as expected (no offense if you're 12-years-old and into that sorta thing) so no need to talk about that.

If only we were a KHL fantasy blog, then we could be digging deep into all the moves over there as big names like Slava Kozlov, Danny Markov & Chris Simon are being bought & sold.

One piece of news that I read again today is how Evgeni Malkin's sinus infection is a bigger problem than his suspected knee injury right now... I don't really buy that but whatever.  I'm just guessing but I think the knee is affecting him more than anyone wants to admit.  As I mentioned a few weeks back, I dumped Geno for Corey Perry in a one-year league as he was giving me a headache.

Here's something to help you pass the time... Dan Sallows has an extensive list (with videos) of the top 2012 draft prospects.  Oh and Dan also has a quick profile on my favourite player from five years from now... Hunter Shinkaruk.

That's all I got, I know, disappointing... we'll hit you up with some stuff later today and tomorrow, including some players to target for the 2nd Half.