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Daily Dosage - Jan 6th, 2011

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Sorry I'm late with your dosage, just getting over that awful loss at the WJC and operating on a wee-bit of a hangover... say a prayer for me, will ya.

Chris Kunitz hat had (my lord, I'm still drunk) a hat-trick last night, unfortunately this is a rare occurrence for this dude as despite playing with Crosby, he's on pace for a pretty meh 26+30=56 season.  Two goals came on the PP but he only has six PPPs on the season and is on pace for only 153 shots.

Typically Brandon Dubinsky starts the year well and then fades as the year goes on but this year he's kept it going as he has 4+10=14 over his last 15 games and is on his way to a big breakout season as he's on pace for 68 points, 92 PIMs & 212 shots.

In his first 28 games this year Kevin Bieksa had 2+3=5 and was even... in his last 10 he's had 3+6=9 with a plus-14.

Rough follow-up to his shutout debut for Dwayne Roloson as he gave up five goals to the Penguins last night and was pulled... seems like Tampa forgot to show up as Roloson faced 23 shots in only 27 minutes, which would have worked out to 51 shots over a full game, so dude was shelled... it happens but don't lose faith. 

I don't really want to talk about the WJCs today, hurts too much... I'll have a little tourney wrap-up tomorrow.

Nice night for Rich Peverley with two goals on eight shots but he's been pretty weak lately with only two points and a minus-6 over the 10 games prior.

It was a four point night for Alex Goligoski and hopefully this gets The Gos going as he's been pretty dry lately with only one point in eight games coming in.

All those people that were pumping up Paul Martin before the season... fools.  I've never thought this guy was that good and didn't think he'd all the sudden turn into Paul Coffey when he moved to Pittsburgh.  He's got one assist in his last 13 games and is on pace for 30 points, which I'm sure will be a disappointing total for a lot of people.

No idea what has gotten into Tim Jackman lately as he had five points in his first 36 games this year but is now riding a five game point streak (3+3=6)... good for him but this can't continue.

I'm sure you're aware that I don't like this guy but have to mention that Chris Higgins had two more points last night and now has 5+5=10 & a plus-10 over his last 10 games.

Read two things on Dobber's site recently that I thought were crap...  first, some clown wrote that he thinks Matt Stajan is having an alright year... wtf?  Stajan is brutal, two points in his last 13 games and he can barely keep his place in the lineup.  He's on pace for four goals and less than 40 points after putting up 57 & 55 the past two years... that's a little less than alright in my books.  The second thing that was factually wrong was when someone wrote that Kris Versteeg was struggling... he had a slow start (two points in his first nine games) but has been pretty steady lately with 23 points over his last 28 games.

Three games into the Marek Svatos Era in Nashville and he has no points and hasn't played more than 11 minutes in a game.

Three games since Patric Hornqvist's 14 shot game and he's scored in all three and has 3+2=5, plus-4, 2 GWGs & 13 shots.

Mats Zuccarello registered his first NHL goal last night to go along with an assist... Torts is giving him some decent minutes (14 last night) so he's worth keeping an eye on but I'm keeping my expectations low.

Marc-Andre Bergeron is on waivers right now but if he clears then he's heading to Tampa's AHL affiliate in Norfolk where the team says he'll play a "substantial" number of games... so you'll have to be patient if you're waiting on him to rescue your season.

Can't imagine why you'd care but Steven Reinprecht is being loaned out to a German team for the rest of the year.