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Early Season Surprises - Neal, Adam, Michalek, Bergeron...

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This could very well be the only we use a picture of David Legwand.
This could very well be the only we use a picture of David Legwand.

Here a few players that have surprised us in the early going.  If there is anybody you think should be added to the list throw them in the comments with why they've surprised you.

John Tavares, NYI - 4 gms with 5+3=8
He did all that damage in just two games but J.T. looks like a much more dangerous player early on.

Phil Kessel, TOR - 3 gms with 5+3=8
I've never been impressed with Kessel's game but this year he's looked really, really good.  Seems to have a lot more confidence and is actually controlling the play.  For a Kessel hater like me, that's a tough statement to type.

David Legwand, NSH - 4 gms with 2+6=8
He already has 20% of his production from last year.  His hot start could mean a 50 point though.

Shane Doan, PHX - 4 gms with 3+4=7
Hot start for a pretty solid 60-70 point guy.

P.A. Parenteau, NYI - 4 gms with 1+6=7
These numbers are just another reason Tavares is amazing.

James Neal, PIT - 6 gms with 5+1=6
He's developed a lot of chemistry with Evgeni Malkin and Steve Sullivan.  Assuming Geno is mostly healthy, I think Neal's got a shot at a 30-30 season

Luke Adam, BUF - 4 gms with 3+3=6
A slump could mean a shake up (and a fourth line job) but the early chemistry he's shown with Thomas Vanek and Jason Pominville should get him a pretty long leash.

Milan Michalek, OTT - 5 gms with 3+2=5
That Heatley trade is looking pretty good now!  He's played around a 40 point pace in Ottawa but he has more talent than that.

Marc-Andre Bergeron, TBL - 5 gms with 2+3=5
He might not play a lot but he should be pick up some nice PP minutes and with the talent on the Bolts he could put up 30+ (he's done it four times in the NHL)

Tyler Seguin, BOS - 5 gms with 1+4=5
I'm kicking myself for not picking him up in more of my leagues.  This year could be his coming out party.

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, EDM - 3 gms with 4+0=4
Playing with Hall and Eberle.  Will he be in the NHL seven games from now?

Jack Johnson, LAK - 4 gms with 2+2=4
The biggest surprise is he's NOT a minus!

Jiri Hudler, DET - 4 gms with 2+2=4
I'm actually not that surprised.  I think Hudler has a 60 point season in him. After only 37 last year many wrote him off.

Sami Salo, VAN - 5 gms with 2+2=4
Huge game last night boosts his numbers but the real surprise is he's played five injury free games.

Max Pacioretty, MTL - 4 gms with 2+2=4
We were hoping for 50 points this season but so far things have started out very well for Max.

Oliver Ekman-Larsson, PHX - 4 gms with 3+0=3
Former 6th overall pick might live up to the hype this year

Ian White, DET - 4 gms with 2+1=3
Remember he has a 38 point season under his belt.

Kris Versteeg, FLA - 3 gms with 1+2=3
Getting big minutes (especially on the PP) in Florida is surprising for me.

Dion Phaneuf TOR - 3 gms with 1+2=3
Remember when he was a 60 point d-man with 182 PIM's?  Most fantasy owners would take half of that... he's on his way so far.