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Fantasy Top Ten - Superstar Breakout Candidates

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We know you fantasy owners love a good list so we put together a whole whack of them in both our Fantasy Scouting Report and our Breakout Bible.

We've decided to reproduce a few of them on the site to drum up a bit more business and more importantly to generate a bit of discussion.

So this is only going to work if we get a ton of comments.  So the 90% of you that are reading this but never comment... let's hear what you have to say.  Love the list?  Hate it?  Somebody we forgot?  Let us know.

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Today's list.... Top 10 Superstar Breakout Candidates for 2011/12

Here's the top 10 guys that have already had breakout seasons but we think are now close to making a big jump to the "superstar" level.

 1)      Mikko Koivu : 23+54 = 77 points
We've always wondered what he could do with a decent winger... now we'll get a chance to see

2)      Matt Duchene : 33+42 = 75 points
He had 55 points as a rookie and 67 points last year.  We think he's ready to crack 75... or more.

3)      John Tavares  : 35+38 = 73 points
We'd put him even higher if he had some better linemates but anybody can turn Matt Moulson into a scoring machine has loads of talent.

4)      Joe Pavelski  : 28+44 = 72 point
He played at a 73 point pace last year and spent part of the season on the 3rd line.  He'll be on L1 or 2 all season and if he can stay healthy he'll crack 70 for the first time in his career.

5)      Phil Kessel : 38+33 - 71 points
He had his best season with Krejci as his center in Boston.  Last year, he scored 64 without a decent pivot.  Now, with Tim Connolly around, he'll look to set a career high (assuming he can stay healthy) in points.

6)      Jeff Skinner  : 34+35 = 69 points
63 points as an 18-year-old is pretty damn impressive.  This year he'll come into camp with confidence, a guaranteed job and should pick up some sol PT with Eric Staal.

7)      David Backes  : 33+34 = 67 points
He's not quite at 70 but when you add in the PIM's, shots and hits he's the best fantasy power forward out there not named Corey Perry.

8)      Brent Burns  : 20+30 = 50 points
Being on the Sharks PP beside Dan Boyle is a very nice spot for your fantasy d-men to be.  The only thing that can hold him back is injury.

9)      Erik Karlsson :  15+34 = 49 points
Karlsson was one of our big breakout picks last season and boy did he deliver.  We think the Sens will be an improved squad this year which can only help Karlsson in his 2nd NHL season.

10)  Alex Pietrangelo  : 14+33 = 47 points
He had 43 points last year in his breakout rookie season.  He'll improve this season and has a shot to top 50.