Saturday Night Live

The best day in the world for hockey is saturday.. but only if you have the center ice package. CBC tries to ram the Leafs down everyones throats, but 4 monthly payments of 52.75 it is my affordable way to tell cbc to go fuck themselves.... NO LEAFS NO, NO LEAFS NO.... and so it goes

Game of the night-------------


For my money it has to be the Hawks / Kings.... what isnt to like about this besides the fact in my two dynasty leagues i own toews, kane, hossa, doughty and Richards.

Although i couldnt pick a winner if i had to id go with the Kings tonight- Hawks played yesterday against anaheim and toews looked amazing 2 goals, 3 assists, plus 3 1 ppp and 2 minutes in penaltys, massive night

Doughty has looked a little sluggish but the Kings didnt play last night, richards has started to pick up his game and i look for LA To get on a roll sooner than later

4-3 Kings in a SO

Blowout of the night--------------

Boston at home vs Winnipeg- although no chance he wins it , Seguin has looked like a hart and selke nominee early in the season, the selke is out of reach as he doesnt kill penalties enough, and the Hart- nwell lets face it he isnt established enought

Seguin leads what is probably one of the best lines in the league with Bergeron and Marchand right now and with Chara and Thomas, this looks like to be an easy victory for the B's

Winnipeg is well we will just leave it at that

Boston 5-1

HO HUM game of the night------------

unless you have players in your pool Dallas vs Phoenix does not intrigue me in the least,

Although Jamie Benn is a player ive been trying to acquire all year as i think he will be the next star top 15 scorer if not this year next


High scoring game of the night--------

Washington Buffalo

If i were a betting man i would not start the goalies in this one last i checked Vokoun was confirmed and Ehnroth speculated

I actually see a Buffalo victory here , Washington is stuck in a rut and the other cure is a little less bodreau, I think he will be fired sooner than later

Ovechkin and him are butting heads and of course we know who should win there

Buffalos, vanek, pominville are off to a great start, Leino sucks and Ehroff is not producing which is to be expected as i drafted him .

Buffalo 4-3

Crosby night in canada

The game that should be shown on cbc but wont

Montreal- Pittsburgh

Crosby has looked good for the most part and Malkin seems rejuvinated, Neal is a sniper , the only concern is that Johnson is speculated to start and i plucked him from the waiver wire so he will probably get shelled(im struggling for wins and have price so i am trying to guarentee a win)

Montreals offense is so inconsistent and the Habs will continue to be a playoff bubble team for years to come

Lets call it 3-2 Crosby and 5-2 Penguins


Other games

Detroit should beat Nashville my prediction- Det 4 Nashville 2

Florida/ Tampa- Tampa 3-0

That leaves the Nucks vs SJ which could be the honorable mention of the night-\

Marleau is on fire as of late , it is like he is in a contract year or something, Niemi is rounding to form and Thorton i just recently traded for STewart(points only pool, but since ive had thorton i havent won so i got the most i could) meaning thorton will prolly find his point touch again and take off

Canucks will win this if Schnieder starts but if its luongo im taking sj (no word yet)\]

Canucks 3-1 with Schnieder \

SJ -5-3 with Luongo


Enjoy the games







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