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Tuesday's Daily Dosage - E.Gustafsson, Turco, Hodgson...

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I may have misremembered when I said yesterday that the AHL All-Stars usually try a little harder... yeah, the game last night was a tough to watch, I lost interest pretty quickly and half-watched the rest.  Not much really stood out although I liked what I saw from CBJs dman John Moore, too bad his numbers this year are not that hot (3+15=18 & minus-13 in 47 games), and this was my first look at Flyers dman Erik Gustafsson, who is a favourite of mine as he's flown under the radar of a lot of people, he made a number of slick passes. 

Interesting development here as Coach Q said yesterday that Marty Turco will start the Hawks first game back tonight... that's a surprise as Crawford started 10 of the last 11 leading into the break but Q said "We want (Turco) playing, we're going to need both guys".  Not sure Turco is up to the challenge as he's been pretty brutal this year but as I mentioned yesterday, he's typically much better in the 2nd half of the season.

Tampa has brought Mike Smith back up after his AHL conditioning stint so we'll see what they have planned for their three tenders... barring injury, you gotta think trading Smith (if anyone wants him) or sending him back down is in the cards.

It seems most of the guys who were sent down to get in some AHL games over the break have returned to the NHL.  In addition a few notables were called up as the Sens recalled Robin Lehner, so we'll see if they have plans to use him more, the Islanders have called up Ty Wishart, the dman they got in the Roloson trade, he should play his first NHL game in about two years shortly and the Canucks have called up Cody Hodgson and he's expected to make his NHL debut tonight.  His AHL performance so far (10+6=16 in 28 games) hasn't been great but maybe a little taste of the NHL will get him going.