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Friday's Trade Tracker - Kaberle, Anderson, Wheeler...

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With rugged good looks like these he'll fit in well in California.
With rugged good looks like these he'll fit in well in California.

Leading up to the trade deadline we're going to split the Daily Dosage up into two sections.  The Dosage will still have all the news from the night before, who's running hot/cold and everything else you need for your fantasy team.  In the Trade Tracker (assuming we get enough deals) we'll take a look at the moves and how they impact your fantasy squad.

Up_mediumTomas Kaberle to Boston Bruins
Kaberle finally waived his no trade clause and is now a Bruin.  I'm not a big fan of Kaberle.  He seems to get overrated on draft day and he'll only help you in assists and PP.  He is on pace for 53 points and after the trade his production and especially plus-minus should improve (playing with Chara on the PP is much better than Phanuef).  I wouldn't expect a huge boost though... a 55-60 point pace the rest of the way sounds about right. 

Nochange_mediumJoe Colborne to Toronto Maple Leafs
Colborne is the prospect that went to the Leafs in the deal.  He's a former 1st round pick who the Leafs hope can be a potential power forward one day.  He's in the middle of his first full AHL season and has 26 points in 55 games.  He's a few years away.

Down_mediumRich Peverley to Boston Bruins
Peverley was playing on the third line in Atlanta and he should be lining up on the third line in Boston.  The only difference?  He won't be getting anywhere near the PP time he was getting in Atlanta (3:08 / game, fourth on team).  He's got 34 points but 12 of them came on the PP.  With less PP time I'm betting on a drop in his production.  My call is he plays around a 40 point pace (currently on pace for 46).

Up_mediumBlake Wheeler to Atlanta Thrashers
He's only on pace for 37 points so there's really nowhere to go but up for the 24 year old right winger. He goes from battling with RW's Nathan Horton and Mark Recchi for PT to Niclas Bergfors and Anthony Stewart in Atlana.  I like his chances for some quality minutes. Think of it like this... Wheeler has averaged only 1:00 / game of PP time... 11 Thrashers are currently above that.  He's not the 11th best player on the team.  His PP time could easily double.  I think he'll play over a 40 point pace the rest of the way with a shot at 50.

Nochange_mediumBoris Valabik to Boston Bruins
This guy isn't fantasy worthy (he has only nine points in 49 AHL games this year) but I just wanted to point out that he is a 6-foot-7 d-man.  I'm giddy to see him play with Chara one day.

Nochange_mediumCraig Anderson to Ottawa Senators
Anderson was one of the biggest breakouts of last year but is having a miserable season so far.  He's 39th in gaa (3.28) and 35th in sv% (.897).  With the trade, he's moving from one sinking ship to another so don't expect him to magically  transform into Craig Anderson Version 2009-10 anytime soon.  If you're league goes really deep into the goalie pool he's worth an ad... just in case he catches on.  Don't get your hopes up though.  Another reason to avoid having him on your team is he looks like Mr. Burns when everybody thought he was an alien.

Brian Elliott to Colorado Avalanche
Nochange_mediumI traded Elliott to Cam before the start of the season as he was really high on him.  Ha ha stupid Cam.  I was pretty indifferent about him then, but even I'm surprised by how badly he's been doing this year.  He's 38th in gaa (3.19) and 39th in sv% (.894).  Said another way... he's sucking as bad as Craig Anderson.  He'll probably get a good chunk of the starts as the Avs try to figure out if they want to resign him (he's an RFA).  Just like with Anderson take a flyer if you must, but don't expect anything.

Ian White to San Jose Sharks
Up_mediumWhite is likely available in your league (owned in only 10% of Yahoo! leagues) and should see a nice uptick in value so he might be worth a look.  He's only on pace for 22 points but should see some time on the potent Sharks PP (4th with a 22.2% conversion rate).  Other than Dan Boyle no d-man on the Sharks has shown any ability on the PP (Jason Demers is the second best option and he has only 12 points and 4 PP) so the opportunity is there.  He's no sure thing but remember White scored 38 points last year... it's a good risk to take.