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Saturday's Trade Tracker - Johnson, Stewart, Shattenkirk

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I'm expecting big things from Stewart down the stretch.
I'm expecting big things from Stewart down the stretch.

One big deal hit the wire.  I'll update this post tomorrow if more come down the pipe...

Crazy deal for the Blues and Avs.  I like it for the Blues but we won't know the winner of this one for a few years.  I was reading the reaction over at St. Louis Game Time and Mile High Hockey and it seems both teams' fans don't like the deal for their respective clubs.  Sign of an even deal I suppose.  Love to see the GM's step up to the plate.  This might actually be an exciting trade deadline.


Chris Stewart to St. Louis Blues
He had 25 points in 23 games before going down with his broken hand.  I'm a big believer in players who can put together a big streak like that.. shows they have talent rather than just a lucky streak.  He's really struggled since he's come back (five points in 13 games with a minus-9) but he's shown the goods the last 1.5 years in Colorado.  I think he's a steal for the Blues and could dominate for them over the last quarter of the season... assuming that hand is fully healthy.  Tough to pick an increase/decrease here.  He'll do better than he has been lately but not as well as the early season.  We'll call it a slight upgrade.

Nochange_mediumKevin Shattenkirk to St. Louis Blues
He had one stretch of 17 points in 15 games this year but has scored only nine points in the other 31 games he's played in.  He has lots of potential but obviously has issues with consistency.  Getting out of the mess that Colorado has become can only help to reverse his recent slide (zero points in eight games).  He and Liles were on the 1st PP unit in Colorado and now he'll be with Pietrangelo in St. Louis so I don't expect to see a decline on the PP.  We'll call iT a wash.


Erik Johnson to Colorado Avalanche
The former 1st overall pick obviously has tons of potential but his 27 point pace this year (after 39 last year) is very worrying.  I used to think he was a lock to be a 60+ point d-man but now I'm not so sure.  At least he should get a fresh start in Colorado and hopefully a chance for some more PP TOI.  It's an upgrade but really only because I can't see him playing any worse.