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Tuesday's Trade Tracker - Neal, Goligoski and Niskanen

Another day, another deal...check out the reaction to the big deal deal over at Defending Big D and Penburgh.

Alex Goligoski to Stars
Goligoski was one of our big breakout picks from last season so we have a bit of a soft spot for him.  His pace from this year (.52 ppg) is just slightly below last season's (.54) but he has upped his plus-minus, PIM and shot totals this year.  He's lost his the QB job to Kris Letang but he was still playing the 5th most on the PP in Pittsburgh.  Dallas has been looking for a PP QB for a long time so he might see a slight increase in his PP TOI but it won't be a major jump as he was getting good minutes in Pittsburgh too.  Both teams are middle of the pack in PP conversion rate and both teams have some talent (which is currently injured) for Goligoski to play with.  I wouldn't expect a major jump but a small increase makes sense as the Stars will depend on him more than the Pens did.

James Neal to Penguins
Neal's 2nd year has been both up and down.  At a few point this season you'll seen Neal play at a point a game pace for ten games then get one in the next ten.  He's been a frustrating guy to own this season.  I still see a 23 year old who's played at over a 50 point pace for the last 1.5 years.  There is lots to like here... especially long term.  He gets some PIM's (~60) and shots (~200) and could be a very valuable guy if he gets a bit more consistent.  Initially, he'll see a big drop in value since all the good Penguin forwards are injured.  Next year, it's a different story as he'll be playing with Sidney Crosby or Evgeni Malkin.  That sounds exciting, but he was already playing with Brad Richards so even if he does end up on Sid's line it's a plus but not a huge one.  Love the pickup of Neal for the Pens (I think they won this deal), but I don't think it will do much for his fantasy value... at least this season.  Small decrease.

Matt Niskanen to Penguins
After a 26 point rookie season and 35 the following year I had high hopes that Niskanen could be a PP QB for the Stars.  That didn't work out as he picked up only 15 points in Year 3 and is on pace for only just nine this year.  A change of locale can only help Niskanen and maybe he'll even get a bit of PP time.  With Goligoski gone there is a lot of time opening up and the competition (Paul Martin and Zbynek Michalek) aren't really known for their offensive exploits. His value is rock bottom so this trade can only increase things.

Others impacted:
- Jamie Benn should get a guarenteed top six job now that Neal is gone... could even take Neal's spot on the top line.  I liked Benn before and I like him much more after the deal.
-Trevor Daley and Stephane Robidas should both see their PP TOI decrease... particularly if the Stars roll out four forwards as they have done as some points this season.  Big drop in value for these two.