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Below The Show - February 2011

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We're keeping an eye on the feeder leagues for you... here's an update on some of the key prospects, has-beens and other notables playing in the AHL, Canadian Junior, NCAA and Europe.

Highlights include:

- Over the past month we've seen surges in the AHL from guys like Brett MacLean (4+7=11 in his last eight games), Zac Dalpe (3+12=15 in his last 11), Mark Olver (9+1=10 in his last 10) and Jacob Markstrom (2.32 & .929 in 11 games).

- Strong month in the WHL for Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (6+19=25 in 14 games) and we continue to be impressed by what 2012 draft eligible Russian Nail Yakupov is doing in the OHL.  Equally unimpressed with Tampa 1st rounder Brett Connolly's performance. 

- In the NCAA, it's all about ANA 2nd rounder Justin Schultz for us as he had 13 pts in eight games last month and leads all dmen in scoring.    

- Over in Europe, Russian WJC hero Evgeny Kuznetsov is the "IT" prospect right now and has continued his fine form in the KHL with 7+6=13 in 10 games since the WJCs.

Note: Special thanks to loyal reader Vas for volunteering to put these stats together... love it when the readers do the work for us.  Great job!  You should all follow Vas on Twitter @nhlprospects as he's all over the prospects and he'll let you know what he's seeing. 

Check out all the numbers after the jump...

Stats as of Feb 3rd.

Having problems uploading the file... here's a link to it: Below The Show_Feb2011... will work on getting it to display properly.