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Tuesday's Injury Updates - Franzen, Gagne, Pronger...

Franzen gives Joe his composite-lower-back massage treatment
Franzen gives Joe his composite-lower-back massage treatment

It was revealed yesterday that Johan Franzen tweaked his already injured ankle in Sunday's game so this is putting more doubt into whether he can play in tonight's game #6.

Simon Gagne (concussion) practiced with the team yesterday and all signs are pointing to him being ready whenever the 3rd round begins.

Chris Pronger is waiting for word from the doctor as to whether he'll need surgery on a herniated disc in his back.  I'm not a fan of back injuries or of how brittle Prongs was this year but he had been relatively healthy prior to this season and doesn't have a history of back issues, so hopefully he'll be able to put this all behind him and move on next season.

When does Eric Fehr not have a shoulder injury???... he's going to have surgery on one of his shoulders over the offseason as apparently nobody can really fix them to the point where they can make it through a full season.  I've mentioned it many times that I'm done with this guy.