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FHS Breakout Awards Show - Biggest Breakout in PIM/Points

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We're back for Day #3 of our Fantasy Breakout Award Show. Yesterday we took a look at our award for the biggest breakout in goals. Milan Lucic just beat out Ryan Kesler for the great honour.

Today we're presenting a new award for us... the Ted Lindsay Award. Formerly known as the Lester B. Pearson Award, it's normally awarded to the NHL's most outstanding player in the regular season as judged by the members of the NHLPA. We're pretty sure the NHLPA members would agree with us that one of the most valuable fantasy assets are players that can bring the points AND the PIMs. So our Ted Lindsay Award goes to the players who had the biggest breakout (or surprise) in the PIM category while still contributing in points.

The nominees are...

Steven Stamkos (91 points with an increase in PIMs by 36)
He may have dropped four points this season but his 74 PIMs made him a lot more valuable than the 2009-10 version of Stamkos. If he keeps this pace up he could be the next Corey Perry.

Teemu Selanne (80 points with an increase in PIMs by 33)
I've heard that people get ornery when they get older and it looks like the 40-year-old Selanne is no exception. The 49 PIM's he picked up were the second highest total in his career (his highest was a crazy 82 PIM season in 2006-07).

John Tavares (67 points with an increase in PIMs by 31)
He showed a bit of a nasty side in the OHL but was a perfect angel in his rookie season (only 22 PIM's). He topped 50 PIMs this past year and when you combine them with his 67 points he brought a lot more to the table in his 2nd season.

Antoine Vermette (47 points with an increase in PIMs by 28)
It's of little consolation to his owners that Vermette picked up a career high 60 PIM's last year as his points dropped by 18 to 47. Still, almost doubling his PIM total gives his owners a bit of hope he could put it all together next year and pick up a 60-60 season. Misguided hope, but hope nonetheless..

Claude Giroux (76 points with an increase in PIMs by 24)
If you look at players who played that least 60 games in 2009-10, Giroux's had the 2nd biggest increase in points (Alex Tanguay was #1). That's impressive. The news got even better for Giroux's owners as he also more than doubled his PIMs to 47.

This one is a much easier call than the last few days. And the winner is....

Steven Stamkos

Gotta love it when your best player finds a way to outproduce his 94 point season from the previous year.

Agree? Disagree? Hit us up in the poll of the comments.