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FHS Playoff Pool... the morning after (the 2nd round)

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We're half-way through the Stanley Cup Playoffs but the FHS Playoff Pool is really just beginning as the chumps who loaded up on Caps, Flyers, Wings, etc. have been eliminated and it looks like the winner will be decided by the epic battle of the ages between Sharks and Whales (Canucks).

Let's take a look at the top 5 (and other notables) so far:

Name Points Players Remaining Key Teams (#)
1 Andre Nguyen 188 12 SJ (6) & VAN (5)
2 Ben Becker 182 14 SJ (5) & VAN (5)
3 Alex Goldman 179 13 VAN (7) & SJ (4)
3 Cam Collingwood 179 10 SJ (9)
3 Justin Duncan 179 13 SJ (8)
3 Russell Robertson 179 12 SJ (4) & VAN (4)
400+ Jay Meyer 147 12 BOS (6) & VAN (5)


Andre Nguyen with an impressive six point lead through two rounds, he made some clairvoyant picks like Kesler, Clowe and Bergeron (his only Bruin).  The rest of the top five have similar teams with a lot of Sharks & Canucks so it could be the sprinkling of Boston & TB picks that create separation.  I wrote Jay off after the 1st round but maybe he can stage a furious comeback if Boston & Vancouver meet in the final??? 

Click here to see the top 50 & check how your own entry is doing.