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FHS Breakout Awards Show - Best Coach for Fantasy

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Another day, another FHS fantasy award. A few days ago we looked at the biggest breakout in plus-minus and with a bit of controversy the award was handed to Kevin Bieksa. David Backes was not happy.

Today we'll shift gears a bit from our focus on breakouts and hand out our version of the Jack Adams Award. Our version of the award is given to the NHL coach adjudged to have contributed the most to fantasy success. Fantasy hockey is all about scoring so we're looking for a coach with both a high octane offense AND a terrible defense. Teams that you love your players playing for and against.

The nominees are:

Mike Babcock, Detroit Red Wings (2nd best offense and 23rd best defense)
Babcock must have really wanted this award as his O was only rated 14th last year while the D was a stingy 2nd. We love to see that dedication to fantasy hockey. However, Jimmy Howard and his owners weren't happy with the new Wings as his gaa dropped from 2.26 to 2.79.

Guy Boucher, Tampa Bay Lightning (7th best offense and 21st best defense)
Last year the team was 23rd in offense and 27th in defense so Boucher and his new-fangled system had a big impact on the offensive side of things but not so much with the D. This may be hard to believe with this current playoff streak fresh in our minds but Dwayne Roloson was only okay with the Bolts (2.59 gaa and .914 sv%).

Brent Sutter, Calgary Flames (7th best offense and 19th best defense)
It must sting Flames fans just a little bit to see their team was statistically better than the Lightning this year yet they didn't even make the playoffs. This nomination is a bit of a surprise as the Flames were just 29th in goal scoring and 5th in goals against last year. That's now 3 out of the last 4 season where Miikka Kiprusoff had a sv% less than .907, so we might see them back here again next year.

And the award goes to....

Brent Sutter

He may not have dominated the categories like Babcock but we'll give Sutter a few extra points for surprising fantasy players in both areas of the game.

Do you agree or (more likely) disagree? Hit us up in the comments.